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Exists somewhere between literature and science. Pursuing Bachelor of Elementary Education (B. El. Ed.) from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.
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Green Society, Jesus and Mary College To Sell ‘Suvidha’ Oxo-Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins Tomorrow On Campus

When it comes to menstrual health in India, there are several problems that women have to face. One of the most common problems is which...

Deteriorating Mental Health : What Makes Us A Depressed Generation?

Every generation in the history holds some specific characteristics that define them, which gives them their own unique identity which helps the upcoming generations...

Studying In An All Girls College : A Whole New Experience

Once high school comes to an end everyone gets prepared to start living the college life they have always dreamed about. While on one...

The Big Debate : Study A Job Oriented Course Or Pursue What You Love To Study?

Choosing what to study in college is one of the biggest decisions that a person takes in their life. It gives a proper direction...

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