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Studying In An All Girls College : A Whole New Experience

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Once high school comes to an end everyone gets prepared to start living the college life they have always dreamed about. While on one hand all-girls colleges have provided women with much more access to education than there was years ago, yet going to one of these colleges doesn’t sound like much of a fun idea in the start. So here are some reasons to why studying in an all-girls college is a lot more fun than you think and how it surely is a whole new experience.

1. It makes you more aware about gender as a spectrum instead of gender being binary. 

Once you get into an all-girls college you start to notice the gender diversity that is present in humans. You’ll meet girls who are into boys, girls who are interested in girls, girls who do not feel like a girl, girls who do not identify themselves with any gender, and so on. Moving a bit away from the scenario where attraction is mostly seen between people with opposite sexes and LGBTQ+ community is rarely even recognized, makes you understand that gender is more fluid than concrete. Therefore you become a more socially aware person.

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2. It makes you more accepting in nature.

Studying in an all-girls college let’s you see females playing various social roles, some of which roles according to the society should not be assigned to females. You’ll come in contact with girls who play sports,¬† those who hate going out in the playground, those who are into poetry, those who cannot rhyme,¬† those who love to cook,¬† those who can put your kitchen on fire, girls who are very good at making marketing strategies, and those who are bad at planning. Whatever stereotypes society puts into your head in all those earlier years, they all shatter once you look at girls doing anything and everything as well as being good at it all. This makes you a lot more accepting towards people, it makes you feel that everyone is different from each other and this difference does not do harm.

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3. It gives you friends that stay with you for life. 

Popular media showcases college life as the time when you are most likely to find “the one”, “the love of your life”, “your future partner” and so on. But when you study in an all-girls college, you realize the actual worth of friendship. From sharing makeup to asking for sanitary pads, from setting each other on dates to consoling each other with a tub of ice cream and a movie, from copying each other‚Äôs assignments to giving out fashion tips, from bunking classes to pulling an all-nighter together; all-girls colleges provide you with an environment where you prefer finding your bridesmaids instead of “the one”. It makes the rule of “sisters before misters” a lot more profound and strong.

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4. It provides you with a whole new outlook towards fashion. 

It is a specialty of all-girls colleges that you get to see girls wearing a wide range of clothes, be it pajamas on a Monday morning in the first lecture or a strapless black dress on a Friday. You would no longer need to look at YouTube videos to know about the shades of lipsticks and the types of eyeliners. And if you’re lucky then you might find a friend who knows how to put on winged eyeliner. But what’s the most significant thing about fashion in all-girls colleges is that you learn to dress up and get ready for your own self. You no longer feel the need to doll up in order to get someone’s attention or approval. You do it for your own self; you don’t do it if you don’t feel like it.

5. It makes you more open to experimentation. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s a new hairstyle or a new hobby, a piercing at the end of your eyebrow or a tattoo on your wrist; all-girls colleges gives you the courage to let yourself experiment. It is because all around you there is a huge diversity; it is like a bank of ideas. You love that girl’s blue hair? Go try it on yourself. You love the fact that the girl in your class is such an amazing debater and you also want to learn debating? Go for it. Once you see people who you relate to doing things and being a certain way, it gives you a confidence to follow your own heart too. People get inspired by people.

6. It makes you learn the importance of supporting each other. 

Apart from a million reasons to fight and argue, you also learn to observe the good that is present in people. Even though back bitching and gossips continue yet you somewhere in your heart start to recognize the fact that women are not supposed to bring down other women, they need to support each other and rise up together. Being in an all-girls college let’s you know that feminism is not just about girl power but it is more of a movement that requires every individual of the society to be each other‚Äôs strengths instead of being oppressors.

Overall the experiences that you gain in an all-girls college stay with you forever. You not only build a platform for yourself that consists of good quality education, strong friendships and a fun college life. It also makes you more open minded and you grow a lot as a person who is more aware, accepting as well as supportive in nature. It provides you with a new perspective. After all, life is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and letting yourself be open towards new experiences, one of them could be studying in an all-girls college. 

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