The Big Debate : Study A Job Oriented Course Or Pursue What You Love To Study?

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Choosing what to study in college is one of the biggest decisions that a person takes in their life. It gives a proper direction to the efforts of a person and shapes their path. So how do you decide which course you should pursue in college?

Universities offer you a variety of subjects that you can choose from. But when the choices are great in number, the confusion too increases. More than anything it becomes a struggle deciding between a course that would get you a job and a subject that you love. At a time like this, it is important to take into account the fact that one cannot always rely only on what either their heart or mind says. There needs to be a balance. Though everyone likes to dream, yet it is important to be practical and as realistic as possible while trying to fulfill those dreams.

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Most of the times the advice on which course one should pursue, is job concentrated. A lot of people are discouraged if they want to pursue abstract interests because apparently those interests won’t get them a job according to many people. But it is important to take into consideration that if a person is not at all interested in what they’re doing then most likely, they would not be able to give their 100% and reach their actual potential.

Therefore, should a person follow their heart and choose to study what they love?

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Firstly, one needs to know the consequences of their actions. Choosing a course should not be a spur of moment decision. One needs to put a lot of thought in deciding their choice of course. It is possible that what a person decides at one point of time might change if they think further about it. Brainstorming has never done any harm; if anything it only widens the spectrum of thoughts.

Another thing that one should keep in their mind is that there is a difference between our interests and our strengths. For example; if you’re good with studying maps and doing other geographical research then great, but if you’re only passionate about travelling across the globe then choosing geography as a subject would not be that great of a choice.

There are a lot of cases where students find they aren’t quite sure what to do with their degree once they graduate. ¬†Let‚Äôs suppose you are really great with numbers but you end up choosing a subject that you were very passionate about, but after graduation you realize that it has no jobs to offer. Now you find yourself knowing you’re capable of the mathematical jobs you see advertised, but have no qualification to prove it.

Therefore, while opting for a particular subject in college there should be a strong base to your decision and you should always have a backup. People can only advice you but in the long run it is your decision about which path you want to take. Just remind yourself to put in all your efforts in whatever course you choose to study because success comes only to those who work hard.

Exists somewhere between literature and science. Pursuing Bachelor of Elementary Education (B. El. Ed.) from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.

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