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“College “whenever you heard this word when you were in school, your mind would start to run like a horse thinking about college life. No uniform, No homework, No study, only roaming around and chilling in life and all that Bollywood crap about it.

But when you actually start your college, reality hits you hard slap on your face. Classes start and teachers come, they don’t care whether you come or not, probably they don’t even know that you are in their class, forget about remembering your name.

Every class starts to become no less than torture. To attend a lecture without feeling sleepy is no less than an achievement. Everything begins to go pass your head so you stop attending classes.

In class, you don’t even know names of probably half of the class, because most of them don’t come to college. Every day you come to know someone’s name even after half semester passes. In school how exciting it is to bunk a class and roam around, but here when you bunk, you are not alone; half of the class is out.

You don’t have slightest idea of what will you do in future, but wait; you are not alone, majority of them don’t know either. Remember how your senior said there is no study in college, but you realize that there is, but nobody does it.

 You always think of joining a society in college, but when you actually see the dark side of society, it is probably too late. Practices after college, on Saturday, even Sunday till evening; sometime even till night.

Those assignments, presentations, tests almost every day makes you feel no less than a robot. Sleep becomes the dearest thing in the world. You imagine of going to Hauz khas or Hudson with your college friends, but actually get bore of it after sometime eventually and stay at college. How seeing a huge canteen with your favorite food excites you in starting, but within a month, it becomes monotous eating same everyday and you start missing homemade food.

Both school life and college life are totally different. While school life is most cherished, college life makes you face reality of life. So just relax, enjoy it to the fullest because after that you will be thrown in Deep Ocean of life. So discover yourselves, your passion, hobby and pursue them.

This article has been contributed by Pritish Dargan,a first year BCom Hons student at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce.


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