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IITs/IISc to offer free online courses via NPTEL

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IITs being a premier chain of institutes for decades now have always been a dream for most people, and somewhere in our hearts, we all wanted to experience the “IIT-life” and make all our relatives jealous.

But the sad truth is that only 12 to 13 thousand students make it to their dream colleges, some with the desire of getting the tag of ‘IITian’ and some in the search of the best educational experience.

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Fortunately for us, Seven IITs and IISc are bringing the IIT experience for free.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is offering online courses across 23 disciplines of all streams straight from the desk of professors of these premier institutions. Law courses are being offered by various NLUs.

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Enrolment in 500+ courses for its Jan 2021 semester is open now until 25th January. Candidates don’t need any prior qualification to register, just the thirst for learning. 

Understanding the process of learning

Learning is done through video lectures and weekly assignments. Discussion forums facilitate critical learning on the part of students. Video lectures of the completed courses are already uploaded on NPTEL’s Youtube channel.

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Access to study material and video lectures is absolutely free but the certification requires a fee of thousand rupees (varying for categories). 

To gain the certificate, candidates have to sit for a proctored exam and pass it with minimum marks required. Currently, there are 130+ cities where exams are conducted. Assignments are also marked and make 25 per cent of total marks.

IITs/IISc offering free online courses via NPTEL.
Image source – NPTEL

Adding value to your resume

These online courses can enhance the resume and give an edge with specialised learning. NPTEL also offers Domain certificates to gain expertise in specific fields. For instance, a student of philosophy who wants to venture into literature can complete the prescribed courses in the literature domain to get the micro certification.

Such certificates are sure to indicate candidates’ determined attitude towards learning on their CVs. Foreign language courses are also a good way to sharpen your intellect.

From a basic understanding of subjects to highly technical aspects of it, different online courses cater to different needs. The online courses created by NPTEL are useful even if you don’t want a certificate.

On the not-so-rare occasions that you miss your classes, you can use the YouTube videos to catch up on your missed lectures

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