I’m Ashamed & You Should Be Too : How CBSE Board Exams Lost All Credibility This Year

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We all have been there once during our lifetime-CLASS 12th BOARDS! The exam which brings an end to our school life-the most important phase of our life and marks the beginning of College-another important phase of our life.The marks which we score in these exams majorly decides which University which we’ll join in the country.Though,the marks don’t really matter in the long run and things are changing but still the Class 12th Board Exams haven’t lost its hype till date.

We study day and night all round the year just for these exams in order to score well,make people around us proud and join the course and college of our own choice.

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But what if you get to know that some students get access to the question paper before others? Before the time they have really stepped into the examination hall.The whole hype around it now seems fake.The credibility of these marks get lost.

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Reports of paper leak aren’t very surprising.Every year there is some news reports which highlights the paper leak at some place or the other but these reports never got validation from CBSE and they were outrightly ignored.This year though,unfortunately ¬†things aren’t the same.There have been a report of paper leak for almost every other mainstream examination conducted by the CBSE.

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From Physics to Chemistry and from Accounts to Economics,pictures of leaked question papers have been doing the rounds on WhatsApp for the last one month before the exams were scheduled to happen.Numerous reports came out,we too at DU Express covered stories of Accounts & Business Studies paper leak this month but no such report was given validation by the Central Board of Secondary Education but today in a circular CBSE announced that it’ll be re conducting the Class 12th Economics examination and Class 10th Maths examination.

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There are several questions which students are asking against this decision with some of them being-Why should honest students give a re examination? Why should students pay for the lapses at CBSE’s end? Why only Economics and why not other subjects?

These are questions which lakhs of students must be asking themselves today but this article isn’t about these questions.These questions are a point of discussion for some other day but what we wish to highlight are the other questions going on in our mind today.

CBSE To Reconduct Class 10th Maths & Class 12th Economics Paper This Year

What would be the credibility of this year’s board exam result?Should these marks be considered by Universities for admission this year especially after all the controversy surrounding boards and its decision to cancel an examination today? What about the credibility of past results? Would CBSE be able to re install the trust it has lost in the minds of lakhs of students & parents?

These questions will remain unanswered since accountability is a thing our authorities care the least about.

As a student who performed well 4 years back in the same examination.As an alumnus of Delhi University-a place where you get admission on the basis of these very marks scored in Class 12th.As the Founder of DU Express,which deals with thousands of applicants,their parents and DU students every year-I feel ashamed of what has happened this year.This could’ve been prevented if the authorities were concerned enough to take action on the very first reported incident.

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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