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Important Points For Admission Day

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Clearing cutoff and taking admission are two different things.Since,admissions are just a day away please go through the following points so that you don’t face any trouble while taking admission in a college of your choice.

Take admission wherever you’re getting,reserve a seat now,you always have the option of shifting to a better college in subsequent cutoffs.

Don’t go for college.Its always advisable to go for the course you want to pursue instead of going for a popular college.Because in the end its all about what you’ve studied,not where you’ve studied.If you’re getting a good college and your choice of course GREAT,but if not then never compromise on your course,until and unless you just want to enjoy 3 years¬†of college¬†and you aren’t a career oriented person.

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You can withdraw admission from one college and take admission in another college in subsequent cutoffs provided you’re matching the cutoff in the second college. You’ve to cancel your admission in the first college,withdraw your original documents and take admission into second college,ALL THIS WITHIN 3 DAYS & ITS NOT A TOUGH JOB SO DON’T WORRY.

No admission will be allowed after 3 days. You’ve got 3 days to take¬†admission when a cutoff is announced and on the 4th day that cut off wont be valid anymore.

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I’ll advice you to reach the college around 8 AM only,admissions start around 9 AM though.

Don’t wait for the last day of the cutoff,go and take admission on the very first day,the risk isn’t worth it.

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Carry all the original documents and at least 5 copies of them (advisable,even 2-3 will do but to be on a safer side carry 5) and DON’T HAND THEM OVER TO ANY UNKNOWN PERSON.ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT,TAKE CARE OF THEM.Also do carry 3-5 Passport Size Photographs.

Don’t trust anyone who promises you a seat in any college of Delhi University.You’ll only waste your money because no donation is charged for admission to any of the courses in any of the colleges Delhi University.

Those who were able to get admission on the basis of fake documents have always been caught and landed up in jail.So don’t try to do anything illegal.AND I MEAN IT.

The Admission Form is a very lengthy document and it’ll surely take some time for you to fill it up.Don’t panic and make sure that you’ve filled all the forms correctly because incorrect and wrong information can result in action being taken against you.

Some colleges will require an Anti Ragging Affidavit as well which would either be available in the college or you’ve to arrange it on your own,it happens with everyone so don’t panic at such a situation.

Take care of all your personal belongings.Carry a water bottle if you can’t stay thirsty for long.Carry a White Pen Fluid,Stapler, Fevi Stick -You never know when you’ll need one.Make sure you know the nearest metro station or the route to whichever college you’re going to take admission in.

In case of any problem you can contact the admission grievance committee of the college (every college has it) or if you want to take up the matter with higher authorities,approach the Dean Of Students Welfare Office in North or South Campus.

& this year you’ve to submit fees online which will save a lot of time,trust me A LOT OF TIME.

I know all this sounds a little scary but its okay,everyone goes through this process.This is your first step to enter the outside world so don’t worry.You did really well in boards that’s why you’re here,I’m sure you’ll do well here as well.


Please Note-This article is a personal opinion which the author has written on the basis of his experience when he took admission in Delhi University.Readers are advised to go through all the official documents and take the decision on their own.This article isn’t an official document but just a way to help students.

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