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Is the Attitude of India towards Gambling Changing?

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Gambling no longer occupies the hushed status it would a decade ago. With the gradual rise of online gaming, things have fallen in favor of gambling. Despite the long tradition of gambling games, going back to the time of kings when it was widely popular, there is still a grey area regarding this subject in India.

Things are gradually taking shape with online gambling as more and more online casinos and betting sites are opening up.

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Many critics are now even suggesting to legalise gambling as it holds sway among a large number of the Indian population regardless. Whether it is sports betting or playing classic card games like Teen Patti, gambling offers many interesting platforms that make it almost irresistible.

Factors Working in Favour of Gambling

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But if one asks what makes gambling more noticeable amongst Indians, there won’t be a single answer to this. Multiple factors are helping online gambling to grow:

Vague Legal Restriction

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When it comes to gambling, Indian laws have little to say on the matter. The matter has instead been delegated to the Indian state authorities. Most of these states follow the norms prescribed in the Public Gambling Act, 1867. According to this act, no casinos or any other form of gambling can take place openly. However, some states like Goa do not follow the Public Gambling Act.

Also, the act does not stipulate the legal status of online casinos, and it is here where the tide turns. Since there is no specific wording forbidding online casinos in most Indian states, people can gain easy access to these platforms.

Gaming Authority Trust

The games involving gambling are registered under reputed gaming authorities like Malta Gaming Authority. This gives these gambling platforms an additional level of trust and transparency. Multiple payment methods like UPI or net banking have further ensured the safety of these gaming platforms. Under the ethics of Responsible Gaming, Indian players are getting more courage to gamble or bet.

Currency availability

With the rise of the user base comes the rise of convenience – and casino gambling has increasingly enabled Indian players to deal in Indian currency. Since currency conversion was a lot of hassle, the availability of Indian currency is one of the most encouraging factors which has made gambling more accessible to Indians. The players can win money by playing their favorite game and withdrawing the amount directly in INR.


The fact that online gambling and betting is permitted in most Indian states, provided the company is registered outside the country, has made matters easy. Affiliate marketing sites such as have seized upon this opportunity to offer fantastic casino and sports betting bonuses. This has provided a greater boost in general awareness of casinos, as well as increasing the trust in providers, as these sites often offer reviews of the platforms in question. 

The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the rise of gambling within the country. With many staying at home and seeking new forms of entertainment, our outdoor hobbies have been replaced with indoor ones. As a result, many betting sites and casinos have seen a surge in the last financial year and are still showing rapid growth. With the pandemic and online gaming going hand-in-hand, the shift of attitude towards gambling has positive aspects for online casinos.

What Does the Situation Suggest?

There are going to be divided opinions regarding the status of gambling in the country. But with proper registration, licensing, and regulation, online gambling is in better shape than before. It remains to be seen if this regulation will be left up to external authorities, and while the Indian government is still pondering on this matter, the players are free to enjoy the games for the time being.

While some consider casino games and betting to be money making opportunities, it’s far better to think of them as entertainment. Many games offered by these gambling platforms like slots and poker are so much fun in themselves that it bears resemblance to traditional video games. Sports betting is often credited with strengthening personal bonds to a team or match.

Final Words

It still remains to be seen where all of this is heading to. Much lies in the hands of the Indian laws regarding the reputation of gambling in India. If the estimate is to be believed, the market size for the gambling industry is over 60 billion USD. With such huge market potential, the gambling industry can play a significant role in taxation and employment in the coming days.   

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