JNU Student Raped And Drugged By Cab Driver
Image Source - Dhaka Tribune

A cab driver brutally drugged and raped a second-year JNU student on Friday night. The student is originally from the state of Uttar Pradesh and is pursuing a foreign language course at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her body was found by locals in a semi-conscious state near a park in the South Delhi area. After consulting and confirming with the doctor, the student complained about the incident to the college authority. She was then taken to the police station and a case was registered based on her statement.

The complainant was returning from her friend’s house on the night of the incident. She took the cab from the Mandir Marg area. According to her, the cab driver allegedly offered her something after which she fell unconscious. The driver then raped her in the cab and drove for around three hours after the rape. The police are trying to track the cab and driver.

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  1. Don’t leave them if possible hang them publicly coz another criminals may stop doing this type of shameless attempt after c this


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