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Venturing into college is a major change for a large number of students. From the sheltered environment of school, where it is clear what you have to do to be successful, you are thrown into an independent environment, where opportunities abound. It can be extremely overwhelming to make decisions, and understand what experiences will serve you best. Many students after graduating, look back with regret at many activities that they could have undertaken in order to be better positioned for the life that comes after college. I write, from the perspective of one of those students, filled with great ideas of what I could have done in college, and realizing that it is too late to put my thoughts into action.

The most important learning that I gained from college are those that are acquired outside of the classroom. As cliched as it sounds, nothing could be more true. College is a passageway into your professional life. It is important in this time to gain the experiences and skills that will be relevant later. Very often, that is not the skills one learns from books within the confines of the classroom, but rather from the experiences in college societies, internships, etc. One of the best examples of this is the Volunteer Leadership Internship Programme (VLIP) at Eat My News. The kind of skills that one can obtain from this internship, are the key skills that any employer looks for in a fresh graduate from college.

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Firstly, as part of your experience, you are guaranteed to have improved communication skills.  Whether you work on marketing on social media, where you learn how to use writing to appeal to a large audience, or you engage with students face-to-face, learning how to communicate your ideas verbally, both areas will be greatly enhanced. A confident and polished approach to conveying your ideas, will woo all employers, as these skills will be reflected in your cover letters and interview. While, placements are a stressful experience for all, you will be one step ahead of your competitors, remaining calm and unperturbed as they ask you to explain why you are the best candidate. It is unique to have this kind of skills and composure as a student. You will stand out. Employers will set their sights on you.

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However, the skill that will be the game changer will be the leadership experience that you will gain. Eat My News offers you the option to proceed to the leadership body, depending on your performance and enthusiasm. How many students are given the opportunity to be at the helm of a thriving, young organisation? How many students lead 100+ people, directing them, inspiring them, and making a huge difference in their lives? You’ll learn to create a direction for Eat My News, find solutions to challenging problems on your feet, take initiative, host events, meet interesting people and much more. It is these leadership skills that employers look for the most. The students, you would have seen in the newspapers, who get the highest pay packages are almost always the leaders of a student body. The ability to think out of the box, take initiative and learn from their mistakes, comes from being a leader. Employers know this, which is why they look for students with this kind of experience. Be a leader and stand out from the crowd.

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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