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The Joust 2016-Co Powered By Design Cut & IndiaShopps

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“While thought exists, words are alive and literature becomes an escape, not from, but into living.” After The Joust 2015, a successful venture last year, the battle of wits, words and wisdom is back, with some incredulous surprises coming your way. Parola – The Literary Hub of JIIT provides you with this exhilarating escape and will allow you to discover the realm of the literary world through The Joust 2016 on 8th and 9th October. This time, we crank it up a notch. This year, we present an amalgamation of literary events to provide anyone who wishes to express their opinion with an incredible platform. So tighten up your armor, pick up your verbose swords, and get prepared for a battle like never before, The Joust 2016.

the joust 2016 du express

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Details of the events of this super exciting rendezvous are as follows:


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Climax is a two round debate event. The first round will be conventional-styled debate on the Desire for America, where each portfolio have to put forth and explicitly describe one desire that they want the upcoming government of the United States of America to fulfil, which will benefit their country to a pronounced scope. Round two will be an Oxford-style debate whose topic when disclosed will be such that the view of the republican and democratic nominee will differ to an identifiable extent. It will be based on the views the nominees have had during their campaign.

(2.) JUDAS

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Judas is a turncoat event where the participant had to debate on both the sides once for ‘for’ and then ‘against’ the topic. Each participant will be assigned a topic on the spot, for which he will have a preparation time of a couple of minutes. It is a solo contest, unlike other debating forms. Emphasis should be more on the strength of argument and balancing of opinions. One should excel in providing a clear understanding of the topic.


Present your aesthetic and rhythmic knowledge of literature through a bilingual poetry slam event, Cynosure. It allows you to unfurl the sensitivity and find meaning in little serendipities of life. The students will be allowed to perform at the event. Students who haven’t cleared the first round, will have an opportunity to take the stage and participate in the Open Mic which will take place following the Cynosure.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” РGandhi

A declaration was made that free India will assure success by throwing his great resources in the struggle for freedom. A call for do or die was made.

This is an educational simulation in which participants implement their knowledge of Indian history and diplomacy. An event which will involve researching, public speaking, debating and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and leadership qualities.

The agenda of the committee is 1942 Quit India Movement in which the freeze date of the committee is 14th July, 1942.


While expressing yourself, focus on ‘why’ of the issues and not on the ‘when’ and ‘where’.

To emphasize on the importance and power of writing and observation, we present to you an opportunity to pen down the event through the Quotidian where you can include plenty of direct quotes, foster your ability to explain and refine the ideas. A participant shall have to cover The Joust and come up with informative articles to summarize the take-away moments of the event. Each participant needs to submit a minimum of 2 articles related to the Joust, the details of which would be conveyed prior to the conference by the executive board.

The power is now entrusted onto your pen. You cover various events in The Joust, you opine on the diverse variety of issues being discussed, you write, and you attempt to change.

Regarding any query about the rules and registrations of the events go to  Parola-The Literary Hub of JIIT.

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14390825_601363086737205_1012816837604191512_nYou are all welcome to this literary war The Joust on the 8th and 9th of October 2016.

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