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The Joust – The Literary Festival of Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

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The Joust is the literary festival  of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Sector-62, Noida organised by Parola -The Literary Hub of JIIT. With a set of 7 events this time, it is ready to sweep you off your feet into the world of debating, discussion and poetry. The 3rd edition of this event is going be held on 7-8th October 2017 to set a new benchmark and take it to greater heights than ever before. It is going to provide the leader within you yearning for an opportunity to showcase itself with a grand platform to grow and learn. So without any further delay, we present you with the 7 events that are going to mark this fest.


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The event is a bilingual slam poetry competition. It is a chance for each participant to present their aesthetic and rhythmic knowledge of literature. Each poet is supposed to send in their entry to parolajiit@gmail.combefore 24 September 2017, 11:59pm after filling the registration form below. The poem will be adjudicated by the judges and only selected poems will be allowed to compete. The time allotted for reading the poem is 3 minutes.


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This is a conventional debate event, wherein speakers will come in teams of two and debate on a motion that has been given to them in advance. The speaking time is 3 minutes with an additional 1 minute for interjections. This gives a chance to the participants to inculcate the spirit of logical thinking and reasoning and to able to devise counter arguments effectively.

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An educational simulation in which participants implement their knowledge of Indian Politics and Diplomacy. This is an event which includes researching, public speaking, debating and writing skill in addition to critical thinking, team work and leadership qualities. It is same as that of a conventional Indian MUN committee, with portfolios being assigned to each participant. The agenda for the committee is ‘Strengthening the Indian foreign policy with regards to changing geopolitical situation.’


The U.P. Stakeholders’ Meet is a committee set up to critically analyse and discuss the important issues pertaining to the state government. It has multiple facets and plays a key role in forming the policies of the government. A key aspect of this committee is that the citizens of the state participate in it and contribute in the policy making procedure. This is an Indian bilingual committee that is the stimulation of the stakeholder’s meet in the context of Uttar Pradesh having the agenda -‘Reviewing the performance of BJP government’. This committee will give the platform to understand the politics and policies and its impact on the businesses. This is an unconventional committee where each delegate will represent a portfolio and hence negotiate accordingly.


This is an unconventional committee which is a stimulation of an actual White House Situation Room under the agenda- ‘classified’, where American intellects discuss and deliberate the highly confidential plans. The Joust is conducting this committee to give this chance to understand and implement the knowledge of the American policies and politics, which is one of the strongest nations at the moment. This committee will also be held in the same secured and equipped way where each participant will emulate a portfolio.


Writing is an art and writings that holds the power to change the ideas are revolutionary. To create this revolution, The Joust brings Quotidian, a bilingual Journalism event of international press that will filter out refined ideas through a thin sheet of creativity and writing skills.

The articles will cover the events of the festival, the debates, the innovations and the reforms taking place in all of the committees. Each delegate needs to cover at least two events and submit separate articles pertaining to them at the end of the 2 day festival.


This is a photography event of international press, where delegates will get to observe the event and capture the moments through their art of photography. This event will give the chance to make everyone see the festival through their lens, their own personal vision. Reseau will lead you to cross the boundaries of creativity beyond your own retina and show it to the world. The delegates will be judged as per the criteria of any international press competition.

So illuminate the festival with the flash of your camera and light up your vision to bring out the ideas and your power of observation into your pictures.

These events will nurture the leaders, poets and writers within us. The literary festival Joust in coordination with Parola-The Literary Hub of JIIT is a vision fostered collectively by the members of our organising committee, that lets words envisage wisdom.


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