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Kanika Kapoor & Prateek Kuhad Ends Day 1 of LSR Tarang 2017 On A Perfect Note

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The first day of Tarang kick started with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

The ‚ÄòSlam Nation‚Äô which is a poetry event organised by the Elocution Society of the College received a stupendous response. The event consisted of two judges on the panel ‚Äì Aditi Angiras and Raghuvendra Madhu from Poetry Couture and 10 finalists. Raghuvendra addressed the crowd and encouraged more and more people to come and be a part of the poetry world. He talked about how the topics do not necessarily need to be influenced by the west when there are plenty of things happening in India that we can talk about. The winners were announced after a couple of minutes of discussion based on the usage of the metaphor, theme and content in the poetry. The first prize was backed by Anagha from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, the second runner up were Deeksha and Shubhra from Gargi College and the third runner up was Shloka from Keshav Mahavidyalaya.

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Expressions, the English Creative Writing Society organised ‘You‚Äôve Got Mail’. As expected there was a spate of letters making their way to Tarang via this event!¬† Participation was both offline and online. Only individual participation was allowed. As many as 75 participants registered for the event. The rules were kept simple. Sure, creativity and originality were considered foremost by the organisers.¬† Freedom was given with respect to form and style of the piece which was essentially expected to be in the English language. The topics ranged from very serious, character specific to quirky ones. From letters from a house to its owner to a grandparent‚Äôs letter to his grandson on his deathbed, the event had it all! The creative heads were governed by no word limit but a time limit of an hour. All the participants had a great time brain storming about what kind of letters to write, in which form to write and how long to write.

One of the most mind-bogglingand extremely informative session was of Quizsoc- the Quiz society. It was named Quiz Cross which took place in two stages- the first was a Preliminary round which was followed by three consecutive rounds of the main quiz. The quizmaster for the event was Abhinav Dhar.  The event got registrations from around 90 teams comprising of 250 students from various colleges across India. The prelim round had twenty six questions and 8 teams could qualify for the next round. The questions were based on pop culture, general awareness, current politics, history, icons and personalities. This was followed by the main quiz which had 3 rounds. The first round was based on Poker cards, where contestants found themselves perplexed in strings of questions. The second round was building up connections. In this round, participants had to build up the plausible theories to connect the facts and solve the mystery. The third and the final round was the decision maker. In this round, they had to identify the images or clips to decode their answers. The team from Stephen’s College consisting of Apratim Chandra Singh, Akul Gurty and Ishaan Jain came first, Gokul, Ramann and Gourav Jena came second and Ravtej Singh, Ishaan Watts and Rabin Jacob came third.

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The Dramatics Society organised its first event in Tarang 17, Yavnika: The Annual Stage Play event.¬†Some of the best productions of the year were staged by the top five colleges selected from the ones that participated in the prelims held in January.¬†The plays were ‚ÄòShunya Bate Sannate‚Äô by Yakshagana, NIEC, ‚ÄòLearning To Drive‚Äô by Verbum, Sri Venkateshwara College, ‚ÄòPA…BHA…KA…‚Äô¬† by Natuve, Shahid Bhagat Singh College, ‚ÄòEvam Indrajit‚Äô by Shunya, Ramjas College and ‚ÄòThe Play That Goes Wrong‚Äô by Dramanomics, CVS.¬†It was a perfect showcase of different face of theatre while at the same time indicating towards major issues in daily life while making us think.¬†Keeping up with the spirit of Art the event was non-competitive.

The first evening of the Tarang day mesmerised the thick pack of audience in the auditorium. ‘Izraz’ the Choreo Group Dance Competition in which eight teams from different colleges including LSR performed, was one of the main attractions of the day. A prestigious judging panel having Aysha Hasanwalia and Shohini Dutta judged the competition. The winter dusk witnessed a tight competition in which Hansraj and Gargi lifted the cup of victory together. Kirori Mal was given special mention by the judging panel. Each team had their own story and message in dance performance. The team of Hansraj depicted the influence of memory in a person’s life floating and soaring in white. When the Wonderland of Alice was brought onto the stage by team Gargi, audience received it with a loud round of applause and followed them to the third world. KMC who received special appreciation took the audience from Wonderland to the high state of mind of Buddhism.¬† Undying hunger for ambition of Lady Macbeth, an unseen virtue on Julius Caesar, moving sculptures which questioned the man for being the creator and the destroyer, the influence of mental treatment were depicted by different teams. The tough competition ended by the grand performance of LSR Choreo Group depicting the refugee crisis.

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The Solo and Trio singing competition, Hysteria organised by The Western Music society of the college had approximately twenty to thirty teams from various colleges participating. Interestingly, one of the two judges of the event was an alumna of Lady Shri Ram College itself, Miss Satwiki Adla, the other was a budding and a well-known singer Nirupan Sinha. An amalgamation of guitar and melodious voices followed one after the other as the competition began. High pitches, low pitches, falsettos, interludes, nocturnes, each performance mesmerised the judges and the audience as well. From Coldplay to radio head and Demi Lovato to Alicia Keys, there was diversity in the songs that were sung by each participant. Followed by the solo competition was the trio which had three participants per team. The results were announced shortly after the competition ended with the winners of Solo being Zacharyah Matthew Abraham from Ansal University who bagged the first spot, Kishore Nighthoujan from Amity University at the second place and Gurpreet Kaur from Jesus and Mary at the third place whereas the winners of the Trio were Kishore Ningthoujam, Lishma Manandhar and Rhea Toor (Accompanist- Saarim Khan), Amity University who bagged the first spot; Shikha Agnihotri, G.S Kasturi and Manikaant Suryan (Accompanist- Ujjwal Sharma and Ashanka Saha), NSIT bagged the second place while Riddhi Sharma, Rigzin Angmo and Klirka Engtipi, SRCC bagged the third spot.

Sugam, the solo light event organized by Dhyana, Indian Music Society, LSR focused upon various themes and genres of music including Bollywood, folk and light music etc.

The event received a huge amount of online and as well as offline registrations. Fifteen colleges participated in the event to showcase their talent. There were in total 60 participants in the competition. Mrs. Padmaja Chakraborty was the judge for the event. Padmaja is an “A” grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan.
The participants were extremely energized and soulful. There was a blended and well coordinated mix of various genres. The winner of the competition was Shayan Chatterjee. The second runner up were Dhruv and Yash Jain and third runner up was S. Arjun.

Malhaar was the Indian Classical Solo Event, organised by Dhwani. The fixed gaze on the participants  during every performance, the occasional “waah!” and “wow”, the respect the participants had for each other’s performances was quite admirable. The judge too was amazed to see the young talented students and how well they were performing.
After a tough competition, the event ended on a musical note and the winners were declared as Bhargavi of Kirorimal College bagged the first position
Shreya of Shri Ram College of Commerce and Gurditt of Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology shared the second spot
and Rajgopal of Shiv Nadar University stood third.

Someone has said it right that the best way to voice one’s opinion is not by voicing it, but, by writing it.

On similar lines, Prakriti, the Environment Society put up a Green Quote Board in front of Nescàfe as a part of the three day Annual Cultural Fest TARANG 2017. The people were supposed to write about what they think is happening to the environment these days in the form of small quotes on the condition that they are original and not just copied from internet. For this, the Prakriti team pasted a cut out of the world map on a board in black paper and pasted small flags, both green and red in color, on it. These flags were not only cues to what steps were being taken around the world to combat environmental degradation, but, also listed out certain environmental disasters that happened in the past like Exxon Valdez spill, melting glaciers, declining vegetation cover etc.

Actions speak louder than words. Photographers have been making pictures speak just as loud and sometimes louder than motion pictures. Emakimono (Japanese word), literally meaning ‘picture scroll’ was a photography event organised by Projekt, the film and photography society of the college. It was a three day event and the first round was held on 3rd February, 2017. The judge of the event was Rohan Dayal, a freelance photographer. He specializes in automobile photography.

The theme of the event was ‘The Departures’. The expression of something so deep through pictures can truly prove your worth. Departure signifies not just leaving but also separation, and is not one but a myriad of emotions – pain, sadness, joy, happiness, and fear. The participants were required to depict their stories through 4-6 pictures.

HIVE, the fine arts society, transformed the exhibition hall into an Alice in Wonderland themed surrealistic themed experience named ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’. The installations and designs created single handedly by the students of the HIVE society were nothing short of brilliant and the stellar show pieces, were comparable to professional works. On entering the exhibition hall, one is immediately teleported to the the mystical land Alice accidently landed up in.One of the memorable pieces at the exhibit is the table that had Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts among others. A nice touch to the exhibition was a vacant seat at the tea party that allows visitors to interact with the environment more intimately and gave them a fun photo opportunity. The exhibit was created with the use of ornate life-sized paper mache figurines that gave viewers an opportunity to feel like they too were a character in this novel. The neon blue theme helped conjure up the feeling of being in the enchanting, whimsical topsy turvy land that many of us fondly remember from the storybook.

The opportunity to metamorphose an umbrella is all it takes to send an artist’s talents run crazy. The same was experienced at ‘Paintbrella’, an umbrella painting competition organised by HIVE. Participation was both online as well as on the spot registrations in teams of 2-4 people. The event saw as many as 25 teams participating. The first round was an elimination based round. The teams were required to draw an umbrella on sheets of paper. Ten shortlisted teams were taken to the second round. The participants used the three hours provided to unleash their creativity on the umbrellas provided. Most of the pieces were made from newspaper and other recyclable products so that it became a best out of waste of sorts. College faculty member Dr. Joseph was the judge for the event. The results are awaited.

On-spot photography competition named ‚ÄòSpot On’ was organised by Projekt, in which participants had to participate individually and click pictures inside the campus. The young crowd of participants could be seen full of energy and enthusiasm, all ready with their clicking devices, their camera. The suspense broke when the the coordinator told the theme of the competition- “Shadow Play”. There were 120 participants in total from various colleges. Prachurjya Plan, a participant from Zakir Hussain College said, “I was pretty excited for the competition and it lived upto my expectations. The theme of the competition is also way too good and gives us a chance to play with our ideas and actually show our talent.”

All participants could be seen trying their best shots in the campus but ultimately only one had to emerge as the winner who was Milan Parekh of Shri Guru Gobind Singh College, Delhi University.

From the distance, one could see a huge queue in front of Nescàfe. People fighting to go first and try their hands at pottery making. Voluntary Agency Placement Programme, LSR organised a Pottery Workshop. Rightly placed just in front of Nescàfe, people made their way to the Pottery wheel as they ate and looked in astonishment at the sand and the wheel and what it was creating. There sat a master who helped the students to try and make small pots out of a bundle of wet sand. His hands moved by default on the wheel and within minutes. Students watched in amazement and tried to learn a move or two at the wheel.

At the Pro-Night event, Prateek Kuhad’s voice, lyrics, and acoustic arrangement had the whole crowd at LSR mesmerized. The beautiful narrative in his songs complemented his soulful music perfectly.  It was a great start for the 3 Day extravaganza. Kanika Kapoor’s alluring presence was another highlight of the Day.

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