Lakshmibai College Goes Green;Installs 77 kW Solar Plant On Campus

The need of the hour is 'Save Earth' and Lakshmibai College takes a step forward to conserve electricity.

Lakshmibai College Goes Green;Installs 77 kW Solar Plant On Campus
Image Source-Edunuts

Lakshmibai College with the help of CleanMax Solar installed a rooftop solar plant. The solar power is based on “pay as you go” or “OPEX” Model. The tariff for this is 50% cheaper than the current grid electricity tariffs. These solar panels would provide 77 kilowatts of electricity. The project is expected to reduce the electricity bill by 40-50% with savings of over Rs 5 lakh p.a. for the next 25 years. It is also expected that this project will generate 1,07,520 kilowatt hour of power p.a., reducing the college‚Äôs dependence on grid electricity. Carbon Dioxide emission is expected to be reduced by 88.7 tonnes in a year (for the next 25 years).

CleanMax Solar CEO Gajanan Nabar said, “The soaring pollution level and high carbon footprint in Delhi is an indication that more institutes and corporates in the city should adopt solar energy not only to save cost but also reduce dependence on the grid power or diesel generators which are not environment-friendly. For educational institutes, the cost saved can be invested in the development of infrastructure and technology upgrades to better equip students.”

Since the past few decades, the damage to our environment has been devastating. All natural resources have been exploited to such an extent that only the renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, thermal energy, etc. are the only ones capable of fulfilling man’s needs.¬†This initiative by Lakshmibai College is commendable and every school/college in fact, every house (which receives sunlight) should install solar cells and contribute in environment protection. This will not only conserve electricity but it is also economical. A one-time investment in solar plant will benefit the college for 25 years! Reduced electricity bills! What else does anyone need in these times of inflation?

Dr. Pratyush Vatsala, Lakshmibai College principal said,“Adopting solar power is a socially responsible step and ensures financial benefits which can be passed on to the development of the institute. We are extremely happy to be associated with CleanMax Solar to implement rooftop solar project at our campus. As an educational institute, we are committed to contribute to preserving the environment and also hope to create awareness about the solar technology among our students and patrons.”


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