Monday, January 20, 2020
Editorial Lets Talk : Engaging In Dialogues

Lets Talk : Engaging In Dialogues


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This world is a big library with billions of human stories embedded in those billions of strangers next to you.

Aren’t you hesitant to make a conversation with a stranger? Honestly, I am. How does it feel when you are at a new place, surrounded by strangers and don’t know how to begin with? At times even thinking about such a situation can be scary. But let’s come to reality, everyone has to face this situation at some point or the other. It doesn’t matter who you are but every now and then, we are stuck in an awkward point where starting a conversation takes a great deal.


Conversations are like metal links. A tiny metal link is formed every time we talk to stranger, and every conversation that we have after that moment makes the link stronger. Conversations open the door to the new world, new perceptions. Just take a moment and think each and every person in our life was a stranger to us at some point of time, isn’t it? But how and when did the “wall of not knowing” vanished? It vanished only with that first conversation we had. So here we are going to point out a few ways in which we can open a new book (a stranger) and flip through some of its pages.


Every time we see a new person we wanna talk and know them. But are afraid to start. The first step to initiate a conversation though simple looking is the toughest. Even before beginning, we step aback thinking the worst ever possibilities and embarrassments. The simple HI, HEY, HELLO gets stuck in our throats, isn’t it. To overcome this hesitance, we need to show little courage and let open the flood gates of our throat and let the waves of voice do the magic.











Beginning a conversation and getting struck in such an awkward situation where you don’t know what else to talk about is a common problem. How to avoid such a situation? The answer to this is AVOID SUCH QUESTIONS, ASK A REAL DIFFERENT/UNIQUE QUESTION and you will be surprised to know people are so willing to share. Confused about like what to ask!!

Anything like How long are you in this place? Where do you come from? What brought you here? Why did you choose XYZ profession? Who all there in your family? etc

These types of questions will always have an unique personalized answer.


When you meet someone for the first time, try to find out some commonalities between you and that person. Sounds difficult, right! No, its not that difficult. We live in an inter-connected world, have access to common information, celebrities, books, netflix and what not; we are at the same place, at the same time, there must exist some common links.

Try to reach out asking what’s their favourite book/author/ movie/web series…you might get a common point of interest. Further you both might like pizza; you both might be travel enthusiasts, etc . For example have you ever found it comfortable to engage with a person belonging to the same region/country as yours?

When you find a common interest point, the conversation becomes much more easier because now you have a reference point. Suddenly you both are at the same side of something and both can connect to each other with much more ease and comfort.


I heard it somewhere that people may forget what you  do or what you say but they will always remember someone a nice how you made them feel. So be generous and give someone a nice good unique compliment, that they will always remind them of you and bring a smile on their face.

For example: I like the way you smile; I like the sparkle in your eyes; etc


Yes, everybody do have an opinion and are willing to be heard. Go on and ask for someone’s opinion about anything. This opens a two way communication where you get to exchange real thoughts. You can learn a lot about each other by sharing your personal opinions.

Begin with simple topic to open up like what was the last movie you watched and what’s your opinion about it? what was the last book you read, did you like it?

Believe it, when you exchange your thoughts and ideas with someone you develop a stronger bond.


In this era of millions of distractions, it is every essential to be present not only physically but mentally as well. Just tell me how will you feel if you are pouring your heart out to someone and that person is constantly checking his/her phone. Won’t you feel neglected? won’t you feel your opinion, words are of no significance to the listener? You will be disheartened, won’t you be?

When someone is making a conversation to you, the least can you do is be there; be present and listen to him/her; make eye contact to make the speaker realize that you are interested.

This world is great place to interact, use these simple tricks to know few of the unknown books (strangers) lying around you.


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