Loner Diaries- Hacks to Escape Boredom When Travelling Alone


Are you an “over enthusiastic wanderer”? Do you like exploring new places? Do you beg your friend or cousin to accompany you every time? Not to worry chap, I completely feel you. Getting rejected and dejected by your near and dear ones to tag along with you for your trip is what hurts the most. The problem here is: What’s the fun in travelling alone.

If that’s your case, then you bet not take tension for your next trip lone stranger. Here are 4 hacks to get you sorted for the next journey you plan to hop into.

Plug It In

Loner Diaries- Hacks to Escape Boredom When Travelling AloneOh yeah! Though its more often used to ignore unwanted convos with people but when travelling alone, a good playlist is a must. This should be at the top of you check-list. Humming melodious tunes on your way lightens the mood and relaxes the brain. And ofcourse, it’ll help you forget the grudges against all those who refused to with you.

Fold The Fiction

Loner Diaries- Hacks to Escape Boredom When Travelling Alone

Not a hard-core music-lover? (though thats hard to believe in this generation). Buddy , just grab your favourite rom-com from the shelf and zip it in. Seriously, you’ll love the way the surroundings compliment your fantasy world. Whether the road is sandy, rocky or full of hurdles, your smile won’t fade away.

Observe Closely

Loner Diaries- Hacks to Escape Boredom When Travelling Alone

The trees swaying to and fro, the birds flying high, the little kids nestled in their huts, the localities carrying on their chores and not to forget, the passengers on your left and right. You have so much to look around and observe. Feel the breeze on your face and assimilate what you have. You   never know, the poetic, the artist , the musician or the photographer in you may take birth during the escapade. And then you’ll thank your stars for keeping your friend at home.

Say Hello

The extrovert kind, super-friendly and always high on energy? Well, this would come to you naturally then. Just “say hello”. Turn around and start a conversation with your co- passengers. You may discover such interesting personalities from different walks of life and who knows, maybe you end up with a permanent tripping partner for your upcoming adventures.

So the next time you prepare your rucksack and are ready to leave, make sure to clear out all those gizmos that’ll deprive of some really wonderful experiences.


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