LSR Student Gets Lynching Threat Online After Speaking Against Lynch Culture

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The times we’re living in are sad.A recent splurge in case of lynchings involving minorities has been seen in different parts of the country.Its not like mob violence is something new to India but how there has been a sudden increase in such cases in the last two years is something shocking and serious at the same time.

Mob violence and lynching news are being heard very normally these days and no action can be seen on ground.Even the Prime Minister has taken cognizance of the matter and has talked about the fake Gau Rakshaks twice in the last one year.

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Where crores of Indian’s are afraid to talk about the issue and hundreds of people act as a mute spectator to such killings,a recently graduated Lady Shri Ram College student Ms Simran Keshwani thought of talking about the issue.

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Being a Literature student and an author,the best way to speak out was through words.So she wrote an article,a well researched article which mentioned how extremism has taken over the society now and minority groups-muslims,christians and dalits have become an easy target for such extremists.

It started with a Facebook post which was later published by other portals online.The article reached out to a great number of people online and as expected the so called nationalists who think speaking your heart out and criticizing the government/country is an act against the country came out and abused the girl openly.At first it was abuses which later turned out to death threats and the way of killing was the one she was speaking against-Lynching.

Yes,a 20 year old graduate-author was given a lynch threat online for speaking what she feels is wrong about the society and how we’ve reached this kind of a situation.

“Being character assassinated online just for speaking out against the ideology behind vigilantism in India, being labelled “untruthful” for speaking the hard truth we try to hide and being called to the streets for open lynching threats, all I can say is – I will not take this lying down. I understand how fear operates and won’t give in to it. Never have, never will. This incident exposes our ugly underbelly in the name of pious religiosity. This has only made my resolve stronger.” said Simran on the issue.

Its not something which has scared Simran but is this what we’ve stooped to? Lynchings are becoming a trend in this country and now people are threatening to lynch you if you disagree with them.What started as a cow meat punishment has now become a punishment for speaking your heart out.

Someday it has to stop else these killings will soon take face of a genocide.

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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