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Mahila Bank in India- A Catalyst for Economic Empowerment of Women

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The Project code DDU 306 is working on to analyse the concept and need of Mahila Bank in India along with accessibility of financial services & credit facilities by women in those area where BMB branches are present. Simultaneously asset holding by women & development of entrepreneurial habit among women are also the focus area of this study. Public Sector Banks are creating lot of employment opportunities for women whereas BMB is exclusively recruiting women staffs. This study is examining the effect of BMB on overall employability of women in Indian PSBs.
As we are aware the economic empowerment of women in India has always been a subject of concern. Their inclusion in the banking world can be measured on parameters like percentage of women creditors, percentage of women debtors, number of women employed in banks and number of women members in the decision making boards. According to the World Bank, merely 26% of women in India have an account with a formal financial institution, as compared with 46% of men. Only about 12% of the individual bank loan accounts belong to women ,the share of deposit accounts held by women is 24.7% of the individual bank deposit accounts. BhartiyaMahila Bank was established in November, 2013 with the objective of economic and financial empowerment of women in India. The first bank in the country to be dedicated to women. With majority women staff and only-women Board, the bank offers products and services that have been specially customized for women.
The core team of this project is visiting & interacting with various  bankers& women staffs  to understand the financial service market, its challenges and need. Also, questionnaire are designed and filled by number of women customers associated with BMB especially in Delhi-NCR, Alwar, Jaipur, Noida and Dehradun .

They are expecting the following outcomes :

  • Establishment of all women bank may boost the employment opportunity in public sector banks and can bridge the gap between men and women.
  • Banking for women may increase the competition & help in designing the cost effective product and services for women.
  • Increase the accessibility of financial services and products by women which will lead to the asset holding by women & their active participation in economically viable activities .
  • Economic independence of women may change their socio economic condition in semi – urban areas & villages.

Principle Investigators of the Project are as follow-

Vipin Kumar Meena,Principal Investigator,Asst. Professor (Mgmt.)
Pawan Kumar Jain,Investigator,Associate Professor in Commerce
Dr. Sunil Kumar,Investigator,Assistant Professor in Commerce

Student Members associated with the Project-

B.COM (HONS)- Mohit Manak,Preeti Pandey,Mudita Garg, Taiyab,Surya.
BMS– Ekta Jain,Sanjana Saxena,Vaibhav Goel,Garima Malik,Aastha Gupta.
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