Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia wrote to CAG demanding an audit of 28 Delhi University colleges,after receiving complaints of corruption against them.

The move comes after the Delhi government ordered a freeze on the funding of the 28 colleges following the varsity’s failure to constitute Governing Bodies (GBs) for over 10 months.

The Delhi University teachers, on the other hand, have written to Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi, urging him to complete the GB formation process so that students do not suffer due to funds freeze.

Mr Sisodia, who is also the education minister, said, “It seems governing bodies have not been formed so that corruption and irregularities can go on. Public money cannot be wasted like this“.

He also posted a letter from BJP MP Udit Raj on his Twitter handle, complaining of alleged irregularities in appointments to government funded colleges.

“The university is in the process of completing the formalities and soon the bodies will be formed,” a senior DU official said.


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