Monday, January 20, 2020
Internships Marketing Internship At Placio : Certificate,LOR,Rs 5000 Stipend &...

Marketing Internship At Placio : Certificate,LOR,Rs 5000 Stipend & Much More This Summer


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Company Description : Placio, a user-friendly digital platform, brings a new way of life for the students of Universities. Founded on the belief of community-based living, it entails co-living in an environment where experience is more important than possession. The Placio platform offers fully furnished shared rooms, private rooms and personal apartments to like-minded students who can have a comfortable and hassle-free stay with other each other. Placio offers carefully curated places of living which are not only comfortable but also budget friendly for young minds.

The company got funded recently and is one of the biggest student accommodation companies in India with presence in multiple cities.

Duration : 2-3 Months (after exams get over)

Job Description : The primary work of the intern would revolve around promoting Placio in campus during admission season, talking to students & parents and convincing them to rent a Placio property.Students will work on different Marketing activities throughout the admission season from On field promotional activities to Sales to Online Marketing.Well performing interns would also be rewarded with monetary and non monetary benefits over and above the fixed stipend.

Perks : Every intern will get a Rs 5000 stipend,Certificate of internship,Letter of Recommendation,Awards and final year students would also be given a Pre Placement Offer to join the company full time.

To apply mail your resume at [email protected] with ‘Placio’ in the subject line or drop a message to Shivam Malhotra at 9582033304 on WhatsApp.

Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016. Delhi College of Arts & Commerce - Class of 2017



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