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Miranda House – Challenging Patriarchy Since 1948

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The red walls of Miranda House have a way of etching themselves onto the everlasting memories of enthusiastic young women year after year. The lush green lawns with huge trees provide the shade under which talent is nurtured. The corridors resonate with the lively laughter of carefree and independent women. The classrooms echo the lessons imparted to the generations to come. Every nook and corner of this college has stories to tell.

Founded in 1948 by the University Vice-Chancellor, Sir Maurice Gwyer, Miranda House is counted among the best colleges in Delhi University.

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Courses Offered

Miranda House offers liberal education in social sciences, humanities and basic sciences to more than 3500 students. It is not for nothing that Miranda House is counted among the best colleges in the country. There is a wide range of courses offered. All the departments can boast of having some of the best professors in the discipline on board. The departments organise fests of their own besides the grand event, The Tempest. The list of courses offered is –

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B.A. Programme

B.A. Honours

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Political Science



B.Sc. Honours






B.Sc. Programme

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences



The students of Miranda are not just excellent scholars but are also armed with other talents to conquer the world. The Indian Music Society of The College, Geetanjali’s music will surely bring respite to your soul from the burdens of daily life and will take you to a different world altogether. The passion and commitment of the Hindi Dramatics Society, Anukriti, is unparalleled. The DebSoc is overflowing with fierce women who are ready to take on the world and graffiti the sky. The Quizzing Society, Jigyasa, has lifelong learners who are always on the quest of adding something new to their knowledge bank.

Here’s a list of the societies at Miranda House which are known for encouraging the students in the college to unleash their hidden talents –

Adventure Club

“ANUKRITI” Hindi Dramatics Society

“ARIELS” English Dramatics Society

“DEBSOC” Debating Society

E-Cell, Entrepreneurship Cell of MH


Gandhi Study Circle

“GEETANJALI” Indian Music Society

“ORPHEUS” Western Music Society

“MRIDANG” Indian Dance Society

“TANZ” Western Dance Team

MH “Vatavaran” (Environmental) Society

“JIGYASA” Quizzing Society

“TULA” MH Consumer Club

“SPIC MACAY” Chapter of MH

SNAPSHOT- Photography Club


The college has several societies which are pretty active in their respective spheres. Depending on what is close to your heart, you can make a choice among these and interact with like-minded and passionate people.


Miranda House has four canteens and is popular among the students for the choice as well as the quality of food it offers. The finger licking dishes available at reasonable prices lure students. Trust me; you will be baffled by the variety of food on the menu. There are some favourites and just in case you are too confused to order on your own; you can give these dishes a try. Studying in this college and missing out on the mouth-watering biryani of the science canteen is not an option. The pizza sandwich of the PAM café is to die for. The canteens offer delicious food prepared in hygienic conditions. The well poised and elegant cats who will climb onto your laps lovingly at the most unexpected times add to the fun.


Till now, we have had an extensive discussion on the fun that you can have behind the mighty gates of Miranda House. Let’s now explore around it. What are the favourite haunts of the students of the college? Situated in an area that is overbrimming with the energy of the crowd of students, Mirandians don’t have any shortage of the places to chill at. They can be found engaged in long gossip sessions at the numerous cafés in Hudson Lane. Being the fashion queens they are, they can also be found checking out the latest trends at the markets of Kamla Nagar. This area is also famous for its dishes. Some of the eateries here have been in the industry for decades. There’s also the option of taking long and peaceful walks with your friends at the Ridge. You will find troops of monkeys at this place. Miranda House is also located very close to the Vishvavidyalaya Metro Station which makes commutation effortless.

Debunking Myths

  1. Mirandians are misguided feminists

This is a widely prevalent myth regarding the students of this college. This myth is utterly false. Mirandians are well-informed citizens who are empathetic to the causes of men as well as women. They do not wish for a matriarchal society but for one which ensures the equality of men and women. They wage war against the system of patriarchy and not against men at large. 

  1. Being in a girls college cuts you off from men altogether

If you are from a co-ed school and are reluctant to join Miranda due to the fear of being surrounded by women all the time for the next three years of your college life, you can heave a sigh of relief. I can assure you that all the colleges in Delhi University are well connected with each other. There are fests and other events that are going on all the time. These fests and events build an overall inclusive environment. Moreover, being from an all-girls college enables you to explore how strong women can help each other grow. You will realise just how similar women are and that’s what binds us together. Studying at Miranda will instil firm belief in girl code in you. At the same time, the exposure provided will ensure that you develop into a well-round individual.

Famous Alumni

Miranda House has proved its mettle to the world time and again by way of its extensive list of extremely successful alumni. Regardless of the paths that these women chose to tread, they have left their footprints on it. Their contributions to these fields cannot be overlooked. They are epitomes of fearless feminism. These women have the power to challenge the very foundations of patriarchy. The list includes names like –

  • Brinda Karat, the first woman member of the CPI (M) Politburo
  • Sheila Dixit, the former Chief Minister of Delhi
  • Nandita Das, a proficient actress and director
  • Anita Desai, an award-winning author
  • Meira Kumar, the first woman speaker of Lok Sabha


The Ministry of Human Resource Development’s National Institutional Ranking Framework has placed Miranda House at the first position of the list of the top colleges in India in 2018. This well-renowned college with its little gossip corners, lush green lawns and echoing corridors will never let you feel homesick. The faculty will guide you at every step, and you will make friendships which will last a lifetime. A significant chunk of the students in the country dream of making it through the sky-high cut-offs and securing a seat for themselves in this college. If you get lucky enough, hold tightly to it and enjoy the best years of your college life in this prestigious institution.

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