More Than A Third Law Students Of Delhi University Fails To Clear Exam

Faculty of Law Cancels Mid-Semester Break For Its Students

210 students, or almost 38% of the students studying at Law Centre-I did not get passing grades in the paper – Taxation Law.Students who failed have their names starting from – A, N, P and R there.

The students have submitted a petition to Law Faculty dean Raman Mittal in regards this matter.These students appeared for their sixth semester exams.

“To our shock and surprise, a large number of students have failed in the taxation law paper. Students who have never had a back in any paper in any semester have also failed. A clear pattern can be seen in the results, wherein people who passed in the remaining four papers have been deliberately failed in the fifth paper.” said the petition.

The students have requested a re-evaluation of their answer sheets. The dean Raman Mittal told the students that their petition has been forwarded to Vinay Gupta, the Dean of Examinations,Delhi University.


  1. If examination and evaluation are held carefully, honestly and without cheating and inflation of marks are stopped through moderation, grading, CBCS, percentile, standardization, equalization etc , the pass percentage can’t go beyond 25 percent. This is the reality of Indian education.


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