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Must Read : Popular Stereotypes Related To Delhi University Colleges

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We all have heard about the Sharma ji ka beta stereotype,we all know the cliches about Delhiites,but here are some norms that are so strongly glued to Delhi University colleges that even fevi kwik ka jod is weaker!

Out of many questions a student faces in his life,the most common among all of them is “Konsa college?” The answer to this question varies greatly from person to person but,some stereotypes about the colleges in Delhi University unite the diverse attributes and backgrounds of these students.

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1. Shri Ram College of Commerce

The chashmish nerd who has never enjoyed life,ends up cracking the rocketing cut offs of the Sri Ram College of Commerce. Although it is a matter of pride for Indian parents to tell that their child studies in SRCC,that child of them is blatantly called a boring padhaaku.

srcc stereotype du express
image source- meme generator

2. Hansraj College

If you tell anyone who has the slightest of knowledge about bollywood that you are studying in this college then the most common response would definitely be- Oh Shahrukh ka college! On that note, it is high time for people to understand that our very own King Khan was once a part of this institution and is not the one who owns it. (Despite the fact that he can buy it anytime with the amount of wealth he has!)

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hansraj college stereotype du express
image source- hindustan times

3. Miranda House

From hot pants to hot girls,this all girls’ college in the North campus of DU is proudly unpopular for its sassy and stylish students.Hence,if you are inside Miranda,then you surely are an ultra modern chick or if you are outside (the gates of) Miranda then you definitely are a guy who admires BeOOTY!

miranda stereotype du express
image source- quick meme

4. Hindu College

The easiest way to explain the stereotype about this famous college,is to call it the Udta Punjab of Delhi University (or maybe Kasol?) MAAL yahan milega!

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hindu college stereotype du express
image source- pinterest

5. St. Stephens College

They call it the aristocrat of the Delhi University.This college is considered too high class that it doesn’t have a canteen,it has cafe! It doesn’t have classrooms,it has kless-rumss!

stephens college stereotype du express
image source- meme generator

6. The Sikh Minority Colleges (SGTB Khalsa/SGGSCC/Mata Sundri/SGND Khalsa)


“oh, you’re in Khalsa,I’ve heard about your Bhangra society”. A common dialogue that the Sikh minority college students get to hear.People think students of these college tap their feet only at Punjabi dance numbers (the daler devotees!)

7. Sri Venkateswara College

Known as the STAR college of South Campus of Delhi University. The students here know the swag better than any other college. The funky name given to their college by them is- Venky.Cooool College.

venky stereotype du express
image source- pinterest

8. Lady Shri Ram College

If you’ve heard about hostels that have strict wardens,then you will understand how is life perceived to be at the Lady Shri Ram College.

Compulsory tutorials,no leniency for attendance,pressure about everything.

LSR stereotype du express
image source-

9. Maitreyi College/Kalindi College

These out of campus, all-girls colleges share a common stereotype,which sadly is the old ‘Behenji’ one.Students here are known to be just the opposite of the Miranda girls.Well,just another cliche,not necessarily the truth.

10. Any Other Off Campus College

Name any college which is not a part of the popular North campus of the popular Delhi University,people are expected to react like this- “Oh,IP university ka hai kya?

out of campus college stereotype du express
image source- meme generator

So, these were the top ten stereotypes levitating in the air of Delhi University.Some being true while some being false,but all of them worth having a laugh.

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