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New To College Life? Here’s How To Deal With The Challenges Coming Your Way!

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To be nervous about starting college is normal. Someway it means you’re excited to start the new phase of life. You just need a little time to adjust.

So finally it is the season of admissions. It is that time of the year where lakhs of students from around the world apply and enroll themselves in various colleges and universities. Though it is the most difficult time both for students and their parents who have to leave and let them live alone in an unknown city, for which they’re leaving no stone unturned to secure admission in their favorite college. The process of admission is always filled with lots of stress, uncertainty and sometimes disappointment.

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India is specially known for this all at once. In India, the pressure of higher education comes in from class XI itself where a student barely knows about streams but anyway he has to choose from them. Then all the madness starts, the rushing of getting admission in the most prestigious coaching and hope of clearing the entrance exams. The most famous and frightening at the same time is the ‘Kota phenomenon’ symbolizing maddening craze for coaching centres preparing students from all over India to crack Engineering entrance exams.

After surviving all this pressure, there comes the clearing the entrance exam pressure which becomes a challenging task. All this culminates with the board exams where anything less than an average 94-97% means that top colleges in the country, including Delhi University, are out of reckoning. Students are brainwashed upon this that their future is over if they don’t get into top institutions across the country.

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Initial Fears

Most of the students look forward to move out of their hometown to study. Living alone in a new city with no company can be very daunting and hence students face a lot of issues moving out of their comfort zone.

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As students are from around the world, spoken English becomes a barrier for some as they struggle to speak fluently. This lacks their confidence and lowers their self-esteem and they feel unwanted. For this they have got nothing to worry for as they represent their states and communication takes place in anyway.

Then comes the interaction with the opposite gender as many of them have never been open and mixed with environment in past. The solution to this comes that one has to get out of their shell and talk to others. Be it for personal purpose or for college purpose, this gives them exposure and they get to know the way to talk to different people.

Economic status plays an important role and gets reflected in the clothes one wears, phones they carry and general spending ability. This isn’t a problem for many but for some. Solution is that the person shouldn’t change oneself to please others. By one’s behavior, you can too get into the ‘cool’ group.

However, after the first semester ends and fest season comes, the admission and fears are long forgotten.

This is the stage where students get into the real world and gradually understands everyone and the stress handling power too becomes strong. The initial orientation sessions helps them understand what’s kept for them in store. Based on that and their aptitude they can plan for future.

Parental Help

Pressure or support from parents help students define the aspects of life. A word of encouragement can change their life and decisions in a whole new way. A youngster needs word of positivity from parents when the whole world is against them. They can help children to encourage and pursue their area of interest.

College is the most memorable phase of one’s life, and that all needs to be a positive approach to allow the growth of one’s intellect and personality.

Education in college is mere tool for students to explore and enhance their understanding of the world around and let them choose in which surrounding they have to work further.

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