Friday, June 5, 2020

NGO Guzarish Distributes More Than 40K Books To The Underprivileged In 2 Years

Guzarish has become a proud parent of its flagship project “Books For All” for setting a
benchmark of reaching out to more than 4 lakh underprivileged children. The project recently celebrated the completion of distribution of 50 thousand books to students who can’t afford an effective education. Guzarish is an NGO started in 2016 which aims to bridge the gap between the underprivileged children and those who want to help them but do not have the necessary means to do so. By the means of their project, Books For All, the NGO provides a medium to facilitate collection of books from the privileged and distribute them to the needy.

For this, they have developed a fully sustainable 4-step model. This includes offering free
pickup from the door-step of the donors. These books are further segregated and arranged in their warehouse called the BookHouse located at Subhash Nagar. Government school
students, NGOs and other concerned activists can then purchase these books from the
BookHouse at an affordable price of ₹10. Guzarish also offers delivery to any part of India
and maintains an online platform to enable the same at All kinds of
books are available here ranging from CBSE board books, NCERTs, English and Hindi
Novels, Cursive Writing books, etc. A lead volunteer at Guzarish, Sankalp Chhabra gives
insight into their working and elucidates, “We also recycle the pages of the books that are not in a usable condition and print fresh activity and story books on them in various languages.”

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The co-founder of Guzarish, Ankit Manchanda tells us, “All of us have books lying on our
shelves. Many-a-time we want to give away the books to the needy as against selling them
off to a raddiwala but are not sure as to where to donate them. We started our project with a view of providing easy access to donors to be able to donate their books to a good cause.”

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The project also aims at a sustainable mechanism and values constructive feedback. Cofounder Prachi Luthra explains, “People are mostly reluctant to donate since they are not sure how their donations will be utilised. To do away with this reservation, we have come up with a proper process of barcoding and scanning our stocks. We maintain a thorough database. We ensure that the books are only made available to the government school students by checking their IDs.” What can you do to help? Guzarish has only been able to create an impact because people have come out in large numbers and donated heavy amounts of good books. Books For All further invites students who have abundant books lying unattended on their shelves to come forward and donate these. We also require students to help us organise collection drives in their colleges, residential areas, schools etc. to help us collect more and more books and help as many needy as possible. One can also follow our extremely easy process of book collection by making a request on our website to collect books, filling a simple form and getting a free pickup from their doorstep. “Since you have the privilege to know, we invite you to fulfill your duty to act.” requests Mr. Manchanda.

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