Nobita and Shizuka marry in the upcoming Doraemon movie

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Remember the sweltering summer days when you tossed your shoes and bags by the door after coming back from school to snatch the T.V remote from your elder sibling to watch Doraemon all over again? Your mother would be pestering you to wash your hands before lunch while you were singing, “Ab ye mera sapna hai ki sab ke sapne sach mai karoon,aasma ko choon loon titli ban udun, Han…helicopter(you screamed here)
An an an…mai hun ik udta robot Doraemon”
.You just irresistibly sang there right? You are not alone! Let me give you an astounding information, Nobita will be marrying his long time crush Shizuka in the new animated movie, “Stand by me Doraemon 2” which is set to be released worldwide in February 2021.

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The film officially released in Japan on 20 November 2020 but recently it trended ineffably on social media as the poster for the worldwide premiere in February released. The poster illustrated the animated figure of Nobita and Shizuka seating on the table wrapped wedding costume while at behind Sunio, Gian and Jaiko can be seen cheering amidst the flowery decoration. In the second poster, our beloved Doraemon can be seen crying tears in jubilance as Nobita and Shizuka dressed in wedding gown with flower bouquet are standing on his head. It is the sequel to “Stand by me Doraemon” released in 2014. The prequel provided a connection with the future Nobita and trailed around the interpersonal relationship of him and Shizuka.

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『STAND BY ME ドラえもん 2』予告2(TRAILER)

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The globalized anime first illustrated by Fujiko Fujio in 1969 in Japan has been popularized and transitioned in cinematography throughout the years. There can be no compartmentalization of age group when it comes to Doraemon. An imagined community has been built all across the world on the liking of the famous manga and animations series. Nobita, the protagonist has been trying so hard to woo Shizuka all his life, he has also been very clumsy and sentimental which is why Doraemon aided him. He was protected against the sheer bullies and also supported by his best friend, Doraemon. Our dream to go across the world with anyway door or defying prognostication with the Time Machine has always been present, but our desire to see Nobita and Shizuka together rose above everything. The new poster made the fans very emotional on seeing the years of an insurmountable plea of Nobita being fulfilled.

But Dekisugi is not present in the poster, will he be singing “Channa Mereya” at their wedding? The Twitter users have been showering memes after emotional posts on the new plot! Here are a few posts for you!

Watch the first movie on YouTube and be ready for February fellow fans!

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