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NSS Hansraj College’s Diwali Mela Turns Out To Be A Huge Success

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Diwali Mela organised by NSS HansRaj College on 21st October’ 2016, attracted a huge crowd from across the University and around. With a lot to buy, try, eat and indulge in, the Mela was a much engaging affair. The decor and the hangings set the right mood and the strikingly beautiful paintings, handicrafts and palatable culinary extravaganza brought to the people an element of amazement and no doubt, loads of fun.

The hair beading and mehendi stalls certainly added a touch of the multifarious Indian bazaars.
To add but more fun to the event, a ‘Dare to Do’ stall was put up where the participants enjoyed speaking cheesy phrases and/or words out of movies or fiction provided to them on a chit accompanied with a balloon, to complete strangers. Other crowd pullers were the Golgappa eating competition, momos’ stall and games like Brand Bazaar- identifying brands from the taglines, bidding, hitting the angry birds, etc.
Technology, as everyone would say, no more takes the back seat.This was quite evident by the crowd at the Jio sims stall.
nss hansraj college diwali mela 2016 du express
The NSS team put in enormous efforts to make various handicrafts that were put up on sale during the Mela, these included bookmarks, pen stands, paintings, wall hangings, diyas, cards etc.
Other stalls that were set up included CRY, Atulyakala- a deaf- run fashion brand, chocolates and cupcakes, handmade diaries etc
The highlight of the Mela was the effort to make a change and let the incentives reach those who truly deserve them. Staying true to this spirit, the peddlers sitting along the lanes of Kamla Nagar were invited to use the Diwali Mela to maximise their sales.
nss hansraj college diwali mela 2016 du express
The fair was indeed an enticing event to visit for every person, who did. It is also remarkable how the college has espoused the very idea of a fair to raise funds for charity to be utilized for the underprivileged kids taught under the Padhaku concept and also provide a recess to the students and teachers alike.
The mela was a grand success in bringing wide smiles to all faces!
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