National Students Union of India backed by Indian National Congress in a Press Release today alleged corruption at Delhi School of Journalism.They have also released an image which allegedly has been called the ‘Budget’ of Delhi School of Journalism.

The party alleged that there are no basic facilities in the campus while the college didn’t spend INR 46 Lakhs last year.

“When we asked the authorities for a media lab, we were told that there is no requirement of a media lab while the college collected INR 2,80,000 from students last year.If we didn’t require a media lab then why was this money taken from students? They have made Delhi School of Journalism as a source of revenue and corruption is going on in the campus” said Mohammad Ali,NSUI Delhi Media Prabhari.

NSUI Alleges Corruption At Delhi School Of Journalism

He also went on to say that the college authorities are now scared since the budget is out.


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