Online Petition For Transgender Quota In Parliament 𑁋 An initiative by Telangana’s MP

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On September 22, Congress’ Member of Parliament, Revanth Reddy, started an online petition to support the adequate political representation of the transgender community. 

In his petition, he highlighted their exclusion in discussions on gender equity and women empowerment. He, further, called for affirmative action through which they would be included in the Indian law-making bodies.

Reddy proposed the center to transfer the now-scrapped-off reservations of the ‘Anglo-Indian Community’ to the ‘Transgender Community.’

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 “On December 10, 2019, the Lok Sabha through the Constitution (One Hundred & Twenty-Sixth Amendment) Bill, 2019 ceased the provision of nominating Member of the Anglo Indian Community in the Parliament & State Assemblies citing the decreasing population of the Anglo Indian Community in the country, as the reason for the same,” he wrote. 

Reddy believed that transferring the already reserved seats will not add to the burden of putting aside more of them and, at the same time, will recognize the civil and political rights of the transgender community.

“For the past 70 years, we have ignored the transgender community of more than a few million people, and the same will continue for several decades if notable interventions are not made. It is important that we bring them in Parliament and State Assemblies by nominating them and then gradually through the process of elections too,” he said. 

He sought others to aid his petition (found here) to move towards an inclusive India. 

Featured Image Credits – National Herald


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