Our Voix with Banswara Syntx Ltd safeguard childhood

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Our Voix

November 20 is an important date as it marks the realization of children welfare as an important aim for the development of the civilization. One of the grave concerns that hinder child growth and development is sexual abuse. Ms.Megha Bhatia, the founder of Our Voix in collaboration with Banswara Syntx Ltd brought this issue to the forefront on this world children’s day. Our Voix is non-profit organisation that contributes to the similar cause of prevention of child sexual abuse. The organisation launched four short-animated films, two of these especially created for children. While the other two are for parents, teachers, and stakeholders. One of these four movies is – Humare Super Buddies Humare Rakshak. With the aim of prevention of sexual abuse, the film teaches children to identify sexual abuse and raise their voice against it. Additionally, it is available in sign language.

Our Voix with Banswara Syntx Ltd safeguard childhood
Image Source:OurVoix

World Child Rights Day 2020

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Mr. Priyank Kanoogo, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, inaugurated the film on World Child Rights Day. He congratulated Ms Megha Bhatia , the founder of Our Voix and Kavita Ma’am, Senior Vice President, CSR Banswara Ltd. Additionally, he highlighted the lifelong impact of this heinuous crime. Consequently, he appreciated the efforts of Our Voix and Banswara Syntx Ltd. as it will sensitize the masses about the same.

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People from more than states joined this online event. The list of states include Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tripura, Maharashtra, Delhi, Orissa; etc. Viewers also joined this critical event from London. All the participants took a keen interest in the venture. Comment section  flooded with positive. “Buddy ke buddy Super buddy aa Jao” was a common slogan evident in the comment section. Children admitted that the movie was very interesting. One specific comment that struck everyone, said: “Never stay quite thinking about reputation.”

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.Our Voix with Banswara Syntx Ltd safeguard childhood
Image Source: OurVoix

About the four movies

Our Voix launched a set of 4 short animated films.

First Movie

The first animated film presented super buddies who helped spreading awareness about “THE POWERS”. The first power was in the form of our body. Children were informed clearly that they have right over their body including the private parts. The lips, hips, and
part between legs constitute these private area. The concepts of safe touch and unsafe touch formed the next crucial issues. Safe touch makes one comfortable. While unsafe touch is uncomfortable or sad.

Our Voix with Banswara Syntx Ltd safeguard childhood
Image Source: OurVoix

Consequently, it talked about the “Trust” that one should have on their parents and teachers. Another important point raised was that sexual abuse can also take place without touching. The third crucial power introduced was our voice to say NO. This should encourage parents to report the crime while removing the question of reputation.

Child Sexual Abuse
Image Source:OurVoix

Second Movie

The second movie focused on encouraging parents and teachers to not remain silent. Additionally, awareness about the confidentiality while lodging complaint was addressed.  Identities and name of schools are kept secret. Subsequently, a punishment for 6 months was also informed in case the complaint is not lodged.


Third Movie

Another important movie to understand sexual abuse is the third one. It instructed teachers and adults with signs to identify sexual abuse. The signs include aggression, inability to sit, staying alone and depression.

Fourth Movie

Self-defence techniques to be used during the abuse formed the core of this movie.

It is important to understand that these movies are different. They are also available in sign language. More than 100 recommendations recieved from stakeholders from 11+ states in India contributed to the making of these movies. Along with this, responses from individuals from the United Kingdom ensured a culturally diverse perspective . Many doctors, lawyers, consultants, students joined the screening.

Response from a student viewer

Miss Mannat Sawhney, a student from Sanskriti School expressed – “She shared her perspective as a child saying – Proper Sex Education should be included in the curriculum. Make Bachpan Safe for all”. She also added that it will “Help the children to identify the abuser before it goes far. It is ventured to facilitate the prevention of child sexual abuse.” She concluded her comment with hope, saying, “Let us make it big and climb the slope to make
bachpan safe.”

Conclusion from the event

Ms. Megha Bhatia expressed her gratitude to Kavita Ma’am for believing in the vision of making safe childhood. She said that children should not be just seen but heard too. Additionally, she expressed how the movies launched are actually a revolution to safeguard children.

Kavita Ma’am also expressed her view sharing how steps from big corporations can generate bigger impact. She also emphasized the importance of raising voice.

Our Voix with Banswara Syntx Ltd safeguard childhood
Image Source: OurVoix

The session served as a catalyst to inspire change and breaks barriers. Different aspects of child sexual abuse were also addressed. Hence, the event was itself a revolution.

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