Project Astitva By Enactus Swami Shraddhanand College

As Enactus is mainly a non-profit organisation that brings about people of various intellects together to indulge in entrepreneurial manoeuvre ‘To improve the quality and standards of people or society around them’ and that’s exactly what the project Astitva of enactus Swami shraddhanand college aims at. In this project they tied up with the Pahchaan khaas foundation for the foundation prosperity and success.

Project Astitva By Enactus Swami Shraddhanand College

The Pahchaan khaas foundation is self help group of 12 specially-abled people who make seasonal hand-made products. By  the Diwali mela organised in swami shraddhanand college displayed a wide range and variety of the festive essentials made by them..which must have led to a good exposure of work being done by them. In addition to that, recently,the Enactus team provided the market for their hand-made Holi colors which resulted in a sale of about 200 packets and the gains so earned served the people of the foundation in the best positive way for their better being and welfare. The people of the foundation shared their work experience in a video and one could see them content and pleased as ever with the work done.

The main impact that this project is expected to create is ‘Empowering the people with disabilities.’ The people of the foundation remain dedicated to their vision and the team is working at their best towards the expansion of the foundation and on getting more such people to come out in joining the foundation. This would enable them to get more opportunities and also offer them a wider variety of work options as a larger group which eventually includes expansion of their products.

Project Astitva By Enactus Swami Shraddhanand College

Through their tie-up with the foundation,the team  focus at lightening up the lives and prospects of the Differently-abled adult’s and with a hope to provide employment to their trained special needs individuals in the future. #EnactusSSNC aspires to render a platform to the talents/work done by the people of the Pahchaan Khaas Foundation. Astitva builds a ray of hope for not only the differently abled individuals but also their families.It is graciously giving them the opportunity to live with dignity and pride in the present and future. With a dedicated team like theirs and support from the community Enactus team hope they will continue to shine upon and touch the lives of many more.

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