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Project Voice+ And Those In Need To Organise Global Bubble Parade On 22nd April 2018 In New Delhi

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‘Self-love’ is to put yourself and your own happiness first, something that deeply lacks in our current society, even in this 21st century. We have been moulded to live a disconnected and disempowered life, where the only right way to sustain is the society’s way. We are taught that it is not safe to show our true-selves and therefore we begin to detach from our individuality, sacredness and most importantly, our sexuality and true preferences.

To tackle this issue and raise awareness about the importance of ‘Self-Love’, Project Voice+ and Those In Need have collaborated to bring the third edition of the ‘Global Bubble Parade’ in New Delhi, on April 22nd, 2018.

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The Bubble Parade has been a global sensation in bringing together passionate individuals who share the belief that happiness is the journey, not destination. This peaceful walk full of soapy bubbles will be a liberating experience for all participants who believe in breaking their own bubble of self-consciousness.

This year’s theme aims at inspiring individuals to love and accept themselves for who they are regardless of what the society deems fit.

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Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2018 will witness many individuals from all spheres of live, coming together to enjoy a day of their lives accepting and loving themselves for who they are. They will be encouraged to live outside their own little bubble of reticence. All will stand together in solidarity to inspire the society to live more empowered lives.

Project Voice+ was started in the year 2015 as an e-magazine called Thrive+, with the vision of creating a global community. They are now a youth volunteers based project on the theme ‘Gender and Sexuality’. They offer as forum to share stories, ideas and messages to inspire youth from around the world. Additionally, they aim to bring about behavioural change through sensitisation and awareness.

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As a team working on conversations around Gender and Sexuality, they believe in fully owning, embodying and loving all parts of who you truly are and embracing your sexuality.

Siddhi Pal, Founder of Project Voice+ says, “Our aim through this even is to make the participants accept themselves and all others around them with no judgement, expectations or limitations- something that we never really give a conscious thought to. Through activities and engagement, we would encourage participants to let go of their shame, guilt, and inhibitions.”

Those In Need is a Not-For-Profit organization child of Lending Hands Foundation – which has as mission to work for the welfare of society. Those In Need provides a network platform to various NGOs, volunteers, educational institutions and others to maximise the impact of their philanthropic efforts.

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