Say Hello To The All New Whatsapp Status Update!!

Source: NDTV

Just imagine. Tomorrow morning you wake up and are greeted by your mom with a sweet smile. The next thing you see whren you walk into the kitchen is your mom. Now that’s a little weird. Perplexed, you turn towards your parents’ room and “TaDa” mom again. Things couldn’t have been worse when you rush to your brother’s room and bang into your mom yet again. Absurdity at its heights, aint it?

Now just recall your reaction when today morning you opened Whatsapp casually and there’s this unsual change, or rather additional tab that grabs your eye. You click it and BOOM, welcome to the brand new Whatsapp status update (which you figured out was just the same as a story in no time).

Yeah I absolutely get the look on your face buddy and believe me, I’m as annoyed as you are. So basically, this means whether you swipe left or right and switch between Instagram, Snapchat and whatsapp, you’ll see the same faces and the same people everywhere.

Seriously, Mark Zuckerberg you couldn’t have been more innovative. And the best part is that while all other updates require permission or atleast notify an update (incase of auto-update), this cute little “whatsapp status cum story” barges into your whatsapp without a warning. “Chahe aapka dil kitna hi cheekh cheekh kar apne purane whatsapp ko kyun na bula raha ho, ab tumse na ho payega”.

Message, voice call, video call, photos, videos, and ofcourse the baby of the family, “the story”, you name it and whatsapp has it. Can’t wait for the day when Snapchat filters will find their way through whatsapp too!!

Frankly, its making life more complicated and people insane rather than sorting it out. Its blurring the lines, disappearing all the distinctions, the sole reason for why whatsapp is called whatsapp and not snapchat or instagram. Its literally making our worlds go topsy-turvy and the idea of novelty or change has undergone complete transformation.

24th of February guys. Don‚Äôt forget this date, mark it in your calendars. In years to come, it‚Äôll be celebrated by our grand children as “Destruction of Innovation” day.

At last, I just want to say,

“Uniqueness ke naam par cut/copy/paste karne waalon, janta maaf nahi karegi”.


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