Perceiving college by the eyes of a second year student.


As the colleges have been buzzing with Freshers event now after the elections and the 3rd year students make cucumbers over their eyes due by searching all day for a suitable path after college ends, 2nd year students’ misery seems to be sandwiched between their successors and predecessors.

From an eye of another non-2nd year student, it may well be just another year to pass but it always beholds an importance that no one else can understand but, the 2nd year student itself. They find themselves recalling their first year which largely differs for every individual, from being in the light for all the parties and events to the first time voting. The new friends they made, the first time they bunked their class, when they sneaked out for the first time or to the chances they didn’t take, the events they missed and how being a newbie got the better of them. Everything was new, Everything was fresh.

But now the weekday road is familiar, They know the colour of the college gate all to well, It has it’s blues. Everything is the same, but doesn’t feel the same! Call it the comfort of familiarity or the adaptation to insanity. Of course, Seniors to some but at the same time juniors when it comes to understanding the feeling of being in the 2nd year. The mind wanders, Could’ve we had a better 1st year? Is 3rd Year the best? Isn’t college life going a tad fast? People might call these questions even if they can never be truly answered.

They know the first year can never come back but what also lies with this fact is that, so won’t the 3rd year when it all ends. 3rd year, the last one. Last to a start, Start of another journey. But do the 2nd year students really want to jump over to those time or rather hope time passes by slow ? A peek into the 3rd year seems gloomy, the things that were new a year back would be bid adieu the next year!

All this makes it better to be squeezed in between the incomers and outgoers. Better to be soothed in silence, Past won’t come back and Future won’t come now. Present shall always hold the most importance. Worrying less may lead to Living more, It’s about converting time into memories. 1st year had it’s lessons to write a better chapter before the story ends and even if you cannot edit a chapter does not mean there is no space to write a new one, all you need to do is flip the old page and you will end up finding space, enough to fill the void. Live the moment and stop finding moments to live!

2nd year might as well be the most bewildering but at the same time, peerless days in college life, The best time to bring out the best in you.


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