Sharing Cabs Might Become A Thing Of The Past Soon

Sharing Cabs Might Become A Thing Of The Past Soon
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A Government Committee on Monday conducted a meeting along with the Transportation Department in order to regulate the Rules for Taxi’s Run in New Delhi.

One among the various topics of discussion was that Car Pooling in case of cabs might be a thing in past now and secondly that all the cabs running on common platform will have to share real time GPS data with the Transport Department at all time of day. No final Decision has been taken yet though.

The Transport Minister, Mr Kailash Gahlot, along with 4 other members set up a committee in January 2018, in order to regulate the Transport Department City Taxi Scheme 2017 along with licensing of app based cab system

A lot of issues’s had been raised during the brief meeting; like ”that the cabs are not allowed to pick up and drop passengers from various points” Further, Taxi’s are also required to provide a full proof of parking before getting a permit and that Taxi’s can only use Green Fuels like CNG or LPG.

Additionally, Vehicles registered in other states and operating as taxis in Delhi would  have to get  their permits countersigned in Delhi. Currently, cabs operating through the Uber or Ola app are not tracked separately via GPS by the transport department. The committee wants them to provide access to their GPS location, this will be applied for Gurgaon and Noida cabs as well. Although the committee is yet to pass a final verdict.


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