Shivaji College Students Make Menstrual Hygiene Possible For Slum Woman

Enactus Shivaji is a team of 50 young change makers who are passionate and dedicated towards entrepreneurship and hence generating economic opportunities. Their current project : Project Sana is an endeavour to create reusable sanitary napkins. This initiative not only helps in contributing towards the environment but also helps in guiding the underprivileged slum area women who are totally unaware about menstrual hygiene.

Even today a majority of women use cloth instead of a proper sanitary napkin. Not because they are not aware, but because of the heavy prices of the branded pads. It’s not hidden that unsterilised cloth makes them susceptible to urinary tract infections and other problems. They aim to curb this problem and reach out to as many women as they can. The product is not only affordable, but also eco-friendly. Their pads are also verified from a standard laboratory. Enactus Shivaji was successful in reaching out to many areas. They currently have 3-4 ladies working under the project.

Apart from this, the team has conducted Menstrual Hygiene Sessions in various NGOs and Government schools.

The team of Enactus Shivaji is working hard towards achieving the goals of Project Sana to make it a success.

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