Shut Down JNU For 2 years For ‘Necessary Cleaning-up’, Suggests BJP MP Subramanian Swamy

Shut Down JNU For 2 years For 'Necessary Cleaning-up', Suggests BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy

After the JNU violence and rising the safety concerns for the University, BJP MP, Subramanian Swamy suggested a ”necessary cleaning up” of the University and reconstituting it. According to the Times of India, Swamy spoke to the media about the safety concerns in JNU after delivering a lecture on “Who we are? A quest for national identity” at Indus University, Ahmedabad.

Reportedly, he said that JNU should have police stations within the campus to ensure the safety of the students. Moreover, JNU not only needs Delhi Police but also a camp of BSF and CRPF.

Supporting his claim about installing police stations in all the Universities of the country, Swamy referred to the US Universities, all of which have separate police stations. He further said, “Safety means assuring police presence by having police stations inside the campus. Today we have to summon the police; it takes time. Having a police station is important for University campuses in the country. This is not only for JNU but we should start with JNU.”

Furthermore, Swamy also talked about de-constituting the University for a “necessary cleaning up”. He focused on the need to improve the University, its environment and tarnished name and restart it all together to make it a safe place for education. According to a TOI report, Swamy said, “JNU can never improve until it is shut down for two years. Uneducated and unqualified people were deliberately given admission there under the Congress rule. The hostel rent is Rs 10 per month and students there are as old as 35-40 years and fail every year. Students in JNU have only one aim – get a place to live on the campus in Delhi and travel across the country and participate in socialist programmes.”

His suggestion about closing down the University for two years of improvement was further supported by the claim that it will be in favour of the “good students”.  “Majority professors there are socialists. Those who are not socialists have been stopped. After several such instances, the situation cannot be amended. A big step must be taken by closing it down for two years. Good students in JNU should be accommodated in Delhi University and Ambedkar University. among others which are nearby. The remaining must be dismissed, and after necessary clean-up, it can be opened again,” he added.

As far as the restating the University is concerned, Swamy suggested to start it with a new name. He said, “If this seems to be tarnishing the image of JNU, the University’s name may also be changed and instead it can be renamed and restarted as Subhash Chandra Bose University.”


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