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“Sorry, No Record Found”: Thunderclap for a Gargi Student

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While we all have been hit some way or the other due to the pandemic, but result declaration at the University of Delhi has been circling the drain since April 2020. The University might have labelled them as mere dead letters that are of paramount importance for the class of 2021 – the result of semesters V and VI. Recently, “Sorry, No Record Found” has become a thunderclap for a Gargi student.

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Sorry, No Record Found!
(Image Source: DU Semester Examination Result portal)


On the 8th of May, results for semester V were declared for numerous courses across the University of Delhi. While all her batchmates glanced at their e-transcripts, a B.Sc Life Sciences student at Gargi experienced a thunderclap on reading “Sorry, No Record Found”.

Going by the norm, she informed her Nodal officer, submitted the requisite documents, and tried getting in touch with the examination department of DU. However, she didn’t get any response from DU’s end.

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On the 14th of July, the VI semester result of this very student had met the same fate. Again, she approached the Nodal officer as well as the administration of Gargi College and the University of Delhi. Fast forward to September and there hasn’t been any response.


Honestly, this student isn’t alone. Innumerable students who had appeared for OBE back in 2019 and 2020 with the same vantage point are at their wit’s end while their respective batchmates have got their transcripts. Unfortunately, OBE has been troubled waters for many.

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In its maiden edition of OBE, to address the discrepancies, the University had asked the students to send their answer sheets to their respective colleges. Here, their professors would be evaluating them, and the administration was asked to revert the marks. Those who did so are still awaiting their results and it has been more than a year.

In the same vein, a considerable number of students were either “ABSENT” or the portal showed “RESULT AWAITED” in OBE Nov-Dec 2020. After that, the administration had to revert the marks as per a notice dating November 19, 2020. Go through the official notice here.

Therefore, there is no iota of doubt that the students are in dire straits now. And with DU paying not even lip service to the matter, things are getting worse. Some may call this a technical glitch but the very repercussions of such glitches have ruined the PG applications of numerous students.


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