SRCC Student Allegedly Slaps and Bites College Professor

SRCC Student Allegedly Slaps and Bites College Professor


Violence against professors in University of Delhi is nothing new and this time Shri Ram College of Commerce,India’s number one institute for commerce is its latest victim.

Yesterday in the evening,a professor at Shri Ram College of Commerce was slapped and bitten by a student allegedly.

The reason behind this tussle is still unknown though an image clicked by a student on campus shows there is an argument taking place between the student and the professor in the parking lot of SRCC campus.

The talk on campus is that the teacher failed the student in Internals but the real reason is still not clear and is known only to police authorities and college officials.

A group of 20 teachers including the SRCC Principal marched to the Maurice Nagar police station after the incident took place to register the FIR. SRCC Principal Dr RP Rustagi has collected the FIR copy and has assured the teachers that student will be rusticated.

“Actually Mr Ashwini has deliberately failed me in internal marks and I just wanted him to behave in a fair manner.These discussions were going on since a long time but on Friday in the heat of moment I lost my calm and this unfortunate incident happened.” said Pardeep Phogat,GBO Student at SRCC who has been named in the FIR.

According to sources,the student was taken in custody and was granted bail under Section 323 of IPC.

A student who witnessed the whole incident told us that the teacher was slapped 3 times and was kicked in the stomach when the teacher was putting his belongings in his car and was leaving for home around 5:40 PM.

The college is expected to take action in this matter on Monday.

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