Students & Teachers From Universities In Delhi Voice Solidarity With Carnatic Singer T.M. Krishna

Students & Teachers From Universities In Delhi Voice Solidarity With Carnatic Singer T.M. Krishna
Image Source - The News Minute

Delhi on Saturday witnessed an unusual combination of arts and politics as Carnatic singer, T.M. Krishna performed at Garden of Five Senses. The Delhi government, ignoring opposition by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), organized this concert at the last minute. Originally, T.M. Krishna was supposed to perform at Nehru Park but his concert was cancelled by the Aiport Authority of India due to constant criticism by right-wing groups. However, threats from right-wing groups failed to silence the artist as he openly took up the challenge. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, promptly invited him to perform to “maintain the dignity of art and artists”. This event was attended¬†by a gathering of people who not only enjoyed music but were also bonded together by a common interest -politics.

Image Source-The Quint

Krishna’s music is known to have political overtones based on his strong opinions against right-wing politics. Every citizen has the constitutional right to express himself freely without fear. Despite¬†this, right-wing groups have perpetually intimidated every individual who has tried to express opposition to them.A group of students across universities in Delhi stood by Krishna in solidarity.They produced a statement condemning cancellation of his Nehru Park concert.

A part of the statement, “The sudden indefinite postponement of the concert at which TM Krishna was to sing at the¬†Nehru Park in New Delhi, has grossly violated and weakened the right of all Indian citizens to express themselves freely, as also our rights as citizens to listen to, and experience art in freedom and without fear.”¬†This was signed by 85 students and teachers from Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and others.


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