DUTA Announces Shutdown;Classes Wont Take Place On 8th & 9th January

A 10-mark question in question papers of final year Masters in Chemistry students raises privacy concern for the students.There were many students who protested against the Chemistry Department head Ramesh Chandra against whom sexual harassment charges were levelled by students and teachers.The students were asked to write about the presentation which they gave as a part of the internal assignment,each student was given a separate topic.

The controversial question in the Inorganic Chemistry paper of the IV semester states : “Write a brief note about the presentation assigned to you in class.”

118 MSc students had written to the Dean examination on 3rd April 2018,asking him to bar Ramesh Chandra and a few other teachers from the evaluation of answer sheets as they were concerned that it would be unfair.This concerned wasn’t addressed by the University and the exam was held on 9th May 2018.

Answer sheets at Masters level are evaluated within the department and this is what the students are concerned about.According to DU rules, identifiable aspects such as name and internally assigned roll number are removed from answer sheets before they are sent for evaluation process.Delhi University Ordinance X A 1d (viii) states “deliberately disclosing one’s identity or making any distinctive mark in the answer book for that purpose” isn’t permitted.

“Questions are set by teachers in the department and evaluated by them, so writing about the project is not going to cost students anything. They protested against the issue but that issue is over. Why would I want to identify them? Everything is done as per merit and a select few are politicising the issue,” Ramesh Chandra,head of the department was quoted as saying.


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