Friday, June 5, 2020

Studying For College Exams Explained In 4 Steps

Shifting from school to college routine is a different game altogether. Not much change if you aren’t an outstation student except the no uniform thing.

One thing different from school, perhaps, for all college students is the amount of efforts we put in for internals or the semester end exams. 12th boards were a different zone all together for most of us; studying entire NCERTs in school, again in tuition, revising, writing sample papers, solving past years board papers and the list would never end.

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That was how we used to prepare for our exams in school, lets see how we study now

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Fish out your dusty photocopied readings of your shelves after four months of ignoring them. Buy them if you still don’t have one or if you have lost them.


Open to see the number of chapters in the course and when you don’t fail to recognize over half of them, sulk. Then, remind yourself how you missed classes so easily for society work or for that department and college fests which were not even your department and college fests.


Now that you are already scrolling through your Instagram feed, having already wasted indefinite amount of time- Bookstore jaao, only ‘ten years’ can save you now.


Wow, you have ’10 years’ now. So, start studying and……… but wait! Isn’t CSK playing today? How can you let Thala Dhoni wait!

Not to generalize (which I already have), but we all sail in the same boat 😉

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