Team AR Presents Ravanlila – The Musical

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n a city whose heart lies in it’s perennial and colourful history and diverse cultural heritage, a few young artists are trying to explore and establish themselves in the world of performing arts.

Team Ar. conceptualized by Gaurav Choudhary,Srishti, Rohan Patel of Sri Venkateswara College and Prerana of Hindu College is a creative initiative that aims to give a platform to artists and performers who seek to express and impress.

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In a world of practicality and capitalism, the arts have lost their charm as a vocation. Being an artist has become a hobby, something you do aside from doing something ‘worthwhile’, like a job. The Ar in their name is an acronym for Artiste, a recognition for the performing art lovers. It is the symbol of their belief that artistes should be respected and the hard work that goes into creating something original a needs to be appreciated.

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The team endeavors to bring together dance, drama and music to create something that warms the heart of the audience, as well as the performers. The earnest and persevering efforts of young actors, musicians, dancers, and writers make Team Ar an inclusive space for aspiring artistes and theatre enthusiasts.

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In only a year, through just one production, Team Ar has captured an audience of over 600 people. Their 2018 production ‘Baano’ garnered much recognition, appreciation and love.

This year, with the support of organizations like Shaping Childhood School Franchise (Dilshad Garden), RSG and PMG coaching (Economics) , TheatreLeela, Theatre Kingdom, Foodstop and Zebronics.Team Ar hopes to win hearts with a unique and contemporary play. The 2019 production is titled ‘Ravanleela – The Musical’ and will be performed on the 12th of June in Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines.

Ravana, the greatest indian villian of all times, a demon who was more devout on his principles than gods, the greatest devotee of lord Shiva and one of the most legendary warriors who won all three realms. Ramayan has portrayed him in the dark and painted him as a grey character. He is the evil force that is to be vanquished by the good. But is he?

A deeper examination of his character complicates the study of him and induces new information inciting a debate about Ravana. A learned saint, his scholarly achievements lies unparalleled to this day, a proud king, worshipped by his subjects, a devout son, who took on himself to avenge his mother’s honor, a trusting brother, backstabbed by his own.

Ravanleela is an attempt to bring a fresh perspective to the understanding of the demongod Ravana, his powers, his knowledge, his insecurities, his pride, all in a bid to understand, is he really what we perceive him to be?

The play opens a dialogue on patriarchy, revenge, arrogance, ambition, discrimination and corrupting powers of the throne. It attempts to showcase, how these were prevalent in ancient times in the name of Dharama and how we are still plagued by them. These evils efficiently embodied by Ravana, indicates that till the time these vices survive so would he . This makes us think , that maybe the immortality of Ravana is a reality and he lurks in the dark to this day, waiting for redemption.

The team’s purpose is to enthrall the audience, gain experience, create something beautiful and hopefully learn something along the way!

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