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The Joust 2018-Annual Literary Fest of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology,Noida

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The Joust is the annual literary fest of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Sector-62, Noida, organised by Parola-The Literary Hub of JIIT. Joust has received tremendous success over the past few years, with quality delegations bringing laurel to our cabinet. This is the time to begin a new chapter of the literary extravaganza.

With 7 exciting events to pull you into intense debate, discussion and deliberation, The Joust’18 is formulated for success, engineered for accomplishment and endowed with showers of eminence.

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So here are the events that are going to mark the fest:

All India Political Parties Meet:

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The Joust presents AIPPM, a conventional Indian MUN committee, which aims to surpass all its peers this year. Come and experience the sphere of leadership and oratory skills. Armed with critical thinking and research, discuss and negotiate as the committee will focus on an agenda we’ve all been dying to address: “Reviewing the policy for women and child safety in India”. The issue of the safety of women and child has been plaguing our country for years, and this committee will work to resolve this hard pressing issue.

United Nations Environment Programme:

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The name of the committee, United Nations Environment Programme, itself describes the crucial need for addressing and formulating a solution for environmental issue. Sustainable development of the nation is not just a concern, but also a spine-chilling question. With the agenda of “Environmental Governance and Green Economy”, the committee will witness various questions about the environment issues of the world. Each participant will emulate a portfolio and present forth the views of various nations.

World War Continuous Crisis Committee:

World War Continuous Crisis is an unconventional committee that will discuss the adverse effects of the World War 2 that happened and its consequences. Portfolios will be provided to the participants and a heated war of words will begin as one of the most interesting committees would begin its parley. The committee will see a verbal war between countries to combat the war of blood. The agenda for the committee is classified. 


This is an event of words, arguments and most importantly, of pride. Tarksangram is a two-day multi format Hindi debate that will encompass controversial questions and intense arguments. So, to captivate the hall with your perspective, bring out your finest arguments and present your opinion in the most enthralling way to fight the war of words at The Joust 2018.


This event is a bilingual slam poetry competition. Individuals would have the chance to personify their rhythmic and downbeat skills. Each participant would have to compile the best of their verses and send their poetry to the judges. The selected ones will get the chance to perform and compete at The Joust 2018. The time limit for reading poem is 4 minutes. 


A unique event, Inkspill is a Creative Fiction competition. Participants will take existing fictional characters with existing plots and present their own rendition to create the new era of fictional stories. Each participant will be given 3 book series to choose from – Harry Potter Series, Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics. The word limit for the entry is 750-1000 words and time limit for the competition is 3 hours.


This is the photography and journalism event at The Joust 2018. All the journalist aspirants will get the chance to cover and capture the whole event and write their experience in the text form about the same. The photographers will be given the chance to capture the event through their lens and present their own personal view of the committee procedure. Being part of the media makes us realise the inner depths of the events and through the Press, one can explore and learn about them.

With a stellar panel of judges and Executive Board members, each of which are highly experienced in their field, as well as quality participants from across the country, we ensure that each delegate will be provided with a great experience.

Joust ’18 is an incredible opportunity to put your knowledge and opinions in front of an audience, fortifying your confidence to bring your ‚ÄòWords At War‚Äô!

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Aruvansh Nigam


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