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The Spectrum of Echoes towards Change and Equality

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Justice N Anand Venkatesh of the Madras High Court on Monday, 7th June 2021, directed a request to the central and the state governments to formulate extensive, all-inclusive reforms concerning the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Such a ruling encourages, to take a step at a time to create a difference, promoting the significance of the spectrum of changes and equality. 

The Initial Ruling on the case filed by the same-sex couple 

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This ruling comes soon after when, in March this year, a lesbian couple filed a case, soon after leaving their homes, and reaching Chennai since both their families opposed their relationship. They claimed that the Madurai police harassed the NGO workers, who had made provisions for shelter for the same-sex couple. The parents had filed a kidnapping case as well. 

The High Court also ruled in the couple’s favour, ordering parents who threatened the lesbian couple to receive counselling from an expert. The Judge also advocated that he would receive “psycho-education” in the efforts to understand homosexuality since he’s not “fully-woke” about the same. 

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“Ultimately, in this case, the words must come from my heart and not from my head, and the same will not be possible if I am not fully ‘woke’ on this aspect.”

“For this purpose, I want to subject myself for psycho-education with Ms Vidhya Dinakaran (Counselling Psychologist) and I would request the psychologist to fix a convenient appointment for the same,” he said.

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The news is surely something, every Indian would be proud of such a decision and transparency. Learning a novel topic, rather than disregarding it, can serve as a catalyst to change and empower the masses.

The Recent Ruling over the petition filed by the same-sex couple

Justice N Anand Venkatesh’s said, “Ignorance is no justification to normalise discrimination”. The guidelines issued by him, aim to protect LGBTQIA+ couples and the entire community from police harassment. It echoes the principle of equality, and the right to choose who we are and whom we love. The importance of self-reflection and self-introspection delegates the path of acceptance and acknowledgement. It guides one to choose the righteous path, of moulding a new society, of changes and equality. 

Some of the recommendations delineated by him are

  1. Education Institutions such as schools and colleges should make gender-neutral restrooms. 
  2. The trans prisoners should be availed of separate quarters in jail, to protect them from sexual assault. 
  3. The Police and Government officials should be given awareness training to ensure that they respect the LGTBQIA+ rights. 
  4. Medical Practitioners who lay claims to know how to “cure” homosexuality, their license should be revoked or annulled.

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