Things Aren’t So Good At DU’s ‘University Hostel For Women’ And Authorities Have Turned A Blind Eye

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The hostels of Delhi University have always attracted attention be it the curfew problem or administrative issues but situation is worse at Delhi University’s University Hostel For Women where occupants have raised several issues with the hostel administration and University administration but no action has been taken yet and no official response has been given to the students yet.

There are solar panels which were supposed to cater to the water requirements of the hostel but they don’t even work and are in a bad condition.

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Things Aren't So Good At DU's 'University Hostel For Women' And Authorities Have Turned A Blind Eye

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A number of basic facilities aren’t provided to students which raises an important question-Where are the funds going? If its a financial issue,the hostel is free to increase its fees but students have been told repeatedly its not a financial issue by the administration.

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In Block B,geysers aren’t installed which is fully filled but are installed in Block C which isn’t occupied by the students.The students have repeatedly requested the administration to provide WiFi service to all the blocks but that too wasn’t done.

The students say that Visitors Room,Common Room,Audio Visual Aid,Sufficient Water Coolers & Washing Machines along with Computer Room,Medical Aid Room and Refrigerator aren’t available even after being charged for by the students.

Its also surprising that the Hostel has no Student Union and there is no Resident Tutor or Warden.There is no residential authority in the college who can take decisions in emergency situation at night.Also,there is no managing committee in the hostel.

Things Aren't So Good At DU's 'University Hostel For Women' And Authorities Have Turned A Blind Eye

“Provost said repeatedly that SO is incompetent to work and when girls demanded a meeting with provost and SO to know ¬†who is responsible exactly the provost denied the meeting stating that he is not a hostel staff and she wont have combined meeting with him due to administrative reasons.Within a week of that unplanned meeting, we got to know that SO has been transferred without stating any reason.Due to breach of her privacy she denied living in the hostel being the fact that she signs as warden” said a student who doesn’t want to be named.

“The Provost said that she wasn’t responsible for any of the work.She asked students that she could give them INR 1 Lakh and they can get the things in the hostel and also asked students to do so called volunteering work in the office and she could make arrangements for the mess rebate in the mess bill which is not under her discretion.And no announcement when male comes on the floors or the corridors and also geysers which were 6 years old was installed earlier which got dismantled¬†within 3 days.Thermocol pieces and glass and mud water was coming out of that geysers.That geyser was installed at the floor where visually handicapped persons live” she added.

Even after repeated complaints,the water continuously overflows from the collecting tank for the last 1.5 years.This are has become a breeding hub for mosquitoes.2 residents were detected with dengue during semester.

Things Aren't So Good At DU's 'University Hostel For Women' And Authorities Have Turned A Blind Eye

The application made by students was called a tactic by students to create pressure by the Hostel Provost.Students allege that the Provost threatened students to be penalized for the same.Threats such as no admission next session are also made over minor mistakes.

In December 2016,students were asked to vacate the fully occupied Block B and shift to Block A & Block C just a week before the semester exams.

There is no mental peace for the students as they aren’t able to study-the main purpose of staying in a hostel away from their homes.Students are devoid of cultural and other activities which helps in building a homely environment for students in this-home away from home.

The students have written a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University along with a copy to Dean Students Welfare,Proctor,Pro Vice Chancellor,President of India,Vice President of India & Chief Justice of India.The students handed over this memorandum in person to Proctor & Dean Student Welfare.

They have tried repeatedly to get in touch with the authorities but all their attempts failed.If this is how female students are made to live in a hostel which comes under India’s most sought after University,we can very well imagine how things would be at other places.

The students are willing to fight this battle,lets hope the authorities wont fail them this time.

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