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Historical Events of Importance


November 15 1949 has great importance in Indian History.

Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte were hanged on this day. They, along with six others had hatched the plot to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi. Godse’s radicalised mind was filled with hatred for a man he once respected in his childhood. He had also lost all rationality.

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Godse and Apte were sentenced to death on November 8, 1949. They were hanged a few days later on November 15. Moreover, they were the first convicts to be hanged in Independent India.

Image source: newindianexpress

Following Independence, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s regular agitations forced the government to establish the Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council in 1995. As a result, an Independent State emerged. November 15 is its day of independence. Today it is celebrated as Jharkhand Foundation Day.

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Al Jazeera English, the news channel owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network was launched on November 15, 2006 at 12:00 GMT. The channel was scheduled to start broadcasting on June 2006. However, the launch was postponed as its HDTV technology was not ready. But the channel anticipated to reach 40 million households while it actually reached 80 million households. Today the channel has its headquarters in Doha.

Major Scientific Innovation


Intel announced the 4004 processor along with its chipset through an advertisement in Electronic News on November 15, 1971. As  result, it became the first complete CPU on one chip. Additionally, it was the first commercially available microprocessor.

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Former President Barack Obama awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to its chief engineers  in 2010.

Social, Economic and Environment Movements


On this day in 1969, the Vietnam Moratorium Committee staged the largest antiwar protest in the history of the United States. More than half a million people attended this almost peaceful demonstration in the capital Washington. Other cities and towns of the United States also held smaller demonstrations. Moreover, an estimated 2 million people took part in the Vietnam War Moratorium Demonstration.


Image Source: sportstar.thehindu

One of the world’s finest cricketers and loved sportsmen, Sachin Tendulkar made his international debut on November 15, 1989. He became the third youngest player to make his Test debut (at the age of 16 years and 205 days). His first match was against Pakistan in Karachi.

Tendulkar managed to score only 15 runs in the first innings. It was the only time he got the chance to bat as the match later ended in a draw. Despite a small number of 15 runs in his first match, Tendulkar became the greatest batsman of all time.

He aggregated 34,357 runs across all formats in cricket. Additionally, he has made 100 international centuries. Moreover, the Mumbai-born cricketer has the most runs in ODI and Test formats.



On this day in 1929, Disney’s Mickey Mouse short Jungle Rhythm was released. Walt Disney directed the movie . Additionally, it features the voice of Walt as Mickey and the music of Carl W. Stalling.  In this movie, Mickey is on an African Safari and riding an elephant. His shotgun disintegrates the first time he tries to use it. Subsequently, he plays tunes, dances, sings in order to soothe the beasts around him.

Famous Birthdays


The famous Indian tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda was born on November 15, 1875. Along with this, he was a folk hero and religious leader from the Munda Tribe. He led a significant tribal religious movement in the late 19th century. The movement arose in the Bengal Presidency during the British Raj. As a result, Birsa Munda became an important figure of the Indian Independence Movement.

Image source: dnaindia

Sania Mirza, the famous Indian tennis player was born on November 15, 1986. She is the former doubles world No. 1. Along with this, she has won six Grand Slam titles in her sports career. Women’s Tennis Association ranked her India’s Number 1 player from 2003 to her retirement from singles in 2013.  Additionally, Mirza is country’s one of the highest-paid and most high-profile athletes. Moreover, she has established herself as the most successful female tennis player in the country.


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