Tiger Parenting Is Bad Parenting

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

The term ‚ÄòTiger Parenting‚Äô coined by Chinese Law Professor Amy Chua in her memoir The¬†Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother,gave some countries parents the ‚Äòlicence‚Äô to be as strict in order to ensure the success of their children in today’s competitive global world.Parents who set up agendas that overstep the conventional parental frontiers are categorized under this term.Tiger parents keep their children confined to the limits set by them either by way of pampering, spoon-feeding or strictness,who want excellence anyhow (regardless of what it takes to achieve that excellence).

Tiger parents have higher expectations from their children believing they have a lot of strength and potential,even if they aren’t sure themselves.They constantly,especially Indian mothers, give a false feeling to their child telling that he/she is the most beautiful creature in the world.Right from childhood,kids are over-scheduled and burdened about various activities and extraordinary grades in academics with the idea of excelling in each one of them.Indian mothers encourage their child to work hard and be proficient in every task, but with a bit of pampering that would force her to say ‚ÄúNothing is more important than having your stomach full‚Äù.

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Tiger mothers pin high hope on their children.They never expect him/her to give up in any situation and they also expect him/her to be perfect,number one always.When children are young, parents are the voice of their actions.But ultimately,if the kid isn’t aware of the work they’ve been doing,as soon as they’re out of the grip they well may not only give it up,but also give up something they’re very good at.The child might not come out with his/her talent at the cost of fulfilling his/her parents desires.Even when the kid grows up and is enjoying his newly adult life,the extra care and intervention of parents might fret him,which can lead him in the wrong direction.Hence,the parents must keep a check on them but not by way of disrupting their individual lives.

Even though tiger parenting gives an outcome in the form of well-behaved and cultured child,still sometimes it can have an opposite impact that can make the child suffer from stress,anxiety and depression.Thus,parents must be strict in certain matters but not every time as excess of everything is bad.Hence,a secret way of parenting is always the right parenting!

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