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As you enter the threshold of pre-adulthood, there are routes that branch out to various directions; one of these directions leads you to an ultimate destination of self confidence, integrity and a unique sense of individuality. Yes, sure you can attain them through various paths but the best path at this time of your life is an all-girls college. Now, you must think why an all girls? why not Co-ed? Because we at an all-girls learn to accommodate the vast world of dance, drama and music into a single gender and do it with grace and some major ass-kicking.
So here’s the deal. Should an ECA student become a DRCian (elaborately – Daulat Ram ki apparent “Behenji”)? Choose for yourself. Here’s a brief description of life in a DRC ECA society.
  1.  Indian Music Society- Alahyaa: Draped in maroon and black these girls are an epitome of melody. This society conducts one of the toughest auditions to get through because they mean serious business. They will hone you, teach you, learn from you and above all make you shine. Why? Well they did rise to the top charts just three years after establishing.12804666_1259537634091310_3180091669313094053_n
  2. The western dance society- Zenith: Well this one is the tornado that will hit you right in the gut with its performance and leave you craving for more. Apart from tough schedule that will keep you on your toes (pun intended) you’ll have the best outstation trips with these audacious girls.12540701_861505777299851_8782680699759167513_n
    Don’t take my word for it. Just watch them perform.
  3. The theatre society- Memesis: Arriving with a baton of change in your life, this society will transform you into a thinker, logical percipient and a rebel. From its tenacity to host performances in places like Tihar Jail to itself performing at the premises of Red Fort, Memesis is truly “Dheet By Nature“.11001682_704222966353811_1142734938050638663_n
    Watch them perform at the very heart of North Campus.
    4. Indian dance society- Annhad: Founded very recently this society is like the eye of the storm that has the ferocity to destroy all competition. 12219566_792077344234512_7006712219580396980_n
    Watch them kill it in this fusion.


    I urge the ECA freshers to research well about various societies and make an informed decision while choosing a college for admission through ECA and not rely on just what you’ve heard going around because colleges are evolving and new societies are emerging and rising to top with pride.

    Signing off as a proud DRCian.

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