To the DU Aspirants for 2020

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Who are DU aspirants?

While this doesn’t have a definition, a DU aspirant is easily recognizable from a crowd.

Cutoffs everywhere

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The first being totally scared when they are informed about DU cutoffs for the first time. This is where a love/hate relationship starts with the word ‘cutoff’. From preboards to board exams it haunts them everywhere. Along with this, it enters the world of dreams. The 90+ number can be a nightmare. However, Delhi University is always a dream. This is why all they remember while writing exams in 12th is the scary number called ‘cutoff’!

Memorized the last year cutoffs

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Are you a real DU Aspirant if you don’t even remember your dream college’s cutoff?
Well honestly, this might not apply to everyone but we all remember checking that dream number.

An Aspirant’s struggle with the university

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The university has its own issues. Delays in releasing cutoffs are very common. The entire process can be confusing. The numbers offered on the website might not work. Moreover, the struggles with University start even when one is just an aspirant.

The Transition

Despite all of this, there is an ever-increasing number of people applying to Delhi University.
I was once an aspirant along with more than 4 lakh people. This was last year. But it feels longer than a year. This is clearly because life after joining DU is chaotic!

To DU Aspirants for 2020
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It becomes more about catching that metro. Getting a seat in it. Applying for that dream society. Preparing for that interview. Exploring the city and its food while making sure the attendance is intact above 66%.

Yes, the magic number changes from some 90 above to 66 above. But trust me, it’s still that difficult! Maybe even more during winter.

I usually get a seat just before my last stop. I mess up my assignments and attendance. The DU website feels so annoying. But then all I remind myself is the time I stood in the terrible Delhi heat to make it to my dream place. (and also the fact that it’s kinda worth it)

To the aspirants of 2020,

So dear aspirants of 2020, no matter what happens ahead, you are going to miss all of this. The delay and the latest mark sheet news might be very stressful for all of you. The wait is nerve-wracking! However, think of all the nights you worked incredibly hard! So even this is one memorable time. Times are different and indeed difficult. But the time you apply to this university, it’s one hell of a ride. There are going to be times when you would have to make important decisions. College vs Course can be one for a whole lot of you! Nonetheless, it will all be very memorable.

If you are worried that your marks are not enough then let me tell you that they are never enough. I remember sitting in the cafe (yes, it’s not canteen!) of my now beloved college with a dilemma. It was to decide between my dream college and a college that I really liked after the first list. Today, I am in my dream college. But what matters more is what I learned in a few weeks of being a DU student.
It was, being in the same room as equally capable and talented people can be intimidating. However, this in no way means one is less capable. Everyone is good at something or the other. Most importantly, we all have a destination to reach. We will reach it! A college or a course or even a university can never change it!

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